Official name:         Tajikestan

 Capital:                      Dushanbe
Currency:                  Tajikistani somoni
Official language:   Tajiki








  • Hourly Consultation (in person, online, phone)
  • Per question consultation
  • Application review
  • Full package: Start to finish representation
  • Immigration Plan to become qualified
  • Post immigration and settlement

Visa information

Welcome to Tajikistan,

There are many types of visa to enter to Tajikistan as below:

  • Diplomatic visas
  • Business official visas 
  • Investment visas 
  • Business visas 
  • Work visas 
  • Tourism visas 
  • Educational academic visas 
  • Free economic zone visas 
  • Private visas 
  • The driver’s visas 
  • Visas for the crew of aircrafts 
  • Immigrant visas 
  • Mass media visas
  • Spouse of Tajikistan citizen visas
  • Visas for sportsmen and creative groups 
  • The missionary visas 
  • The Humanitarian visas 
  • Visas for the commercial activities 


The following documents are submitted to Consular Department of MFA RT for processing and issuing of visa:

  • Two copies of visa application and stick photo;
  • Verbal note (for issuance of diplomatic and service visa)
  •  Application of inviting agency (business, working, tourist and study);
  • Application and notification of visa registration office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (for issuance of private visa); 
  •  High quality photocopy of passport and correct image; 
  • Passport;  with 6 month validity
  • Receipt on payment of state duty and consular fee


Travel Information