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  • Hourly Consultation (in person, online, phone)
  • Per question consultation
  • Application review
  • Full package: Start to finish representation
  • Immigration Plan to become qualified
  • Post immigration and settlement

visa information

All nationality except members of ECOWAS needs to get a visa in advance at a Sierra Leone Embassy. You can go to Embassy of Sierra Leone or Consulate with below documents to get entry visa.

Visas cost around $100.

  1. Original passport with 6 month validity
  2. Application form
  3. Photo
  4. Flight tickets
  5. Travel insurance
  6. Bank statement

JOBS IN Sierra Leone

If you are look for a job, our team will try to send your CV  to the job finder and manpower companies. The companies will contact your  through your email and phone number  that you enter in your request form. Please send us your CV .


If you would like to have a journey to Sierra Leone, it  suggested to look for a famous travel agency in Sierra Leone or your friends advised you.  Have a enjoyable trip in Sierra Leone.