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The Philippines is a thriving country and one of the fastest growing economies in Asia. This country is developing with a very educated population and a lot of capital in terms of natural resources. The Philippines is also one of the top 10 producers of copper, chromite and gold in the world. The country’s free trade environment attracts foreign investors to choose the Philippines as one of the leading trading centers in Asia. So starting a business in the Philippines is rewarding for any entrepreneur in the world. It not only offers you incentives and offers, but also a good infrastructure and a free trade environment.

General Questions 

What is the most common way to immigrate to the Philippines?
investment. The Philippines welcomes investors from all over the world. The minimum capital required to register a company in the Philippines is $ 75,000.

What are the easiest ways to immigrate to the Philippines?
Marriage, investment, work and education and so on.

Can I get a residence permit in the Philippines through marriage?
Yes. After 7 years of marriage to a Filipino citizen, you can apply for permanent residence in this country.

If a child is born in the Philippines, can he or she become a citizen of that country?
The birth of a child in the Philippines follows the law of blood more. The law of blood is that a baby is born if both or one of the parents is a citizen of the Philippines.

What is it like to study in the Philippines?
If you can get admission from a Philippine university, you can apply for residency in this country. After completing your studies, you can find a job and stay in this country.

What is it like to work in the Philippines?
Obtaining a Philippine work visa is one of the most difficult ways. To obtain a work visa in this country, you must be able to obtain a job from an employer. To get a job, you must have a strong academic resume and be able to provide the necessary conditions.

What is it like to immigrate to the Philippines by mobile?
If you have entered the Philippines through investment and work, you can apply for a companion visa.

What are the immigrant cities of the Philippines?
Daraga and Wigan

Can you travel to your country without a visa by receiving a Philippine passport?
You can travel to 71 countries around the world without a visa.

What are the requirements for obtaining permanent residence in the Philippines?
After 10-10 years of temporary residence in the Philippines, through work, education, investment, you can apply for permanent residence in this country. Note that getting a Philippine passport can be a good start for you.

What are the reasons for choosing the Philippines for life?
The Philippines has spectacular natural scenery and is a tourist destination. The cost of living in the Philippines is also lower than in other European and Asian countries. The people of the Philippines are very warm-hearted and hospitable. The religion of most people in this country is Christian; But there are other religions in this country that live well together. In addition, the country enjoys high security and a good quality of life.

Is the Philippines suitable for living?
Yes, the Philippines is one of the best places to live in Asia.

What are the challenges and disadvantages of living in the Philippines?
These problems include infrastructure problems, health problems, health care costs, security issues, and so on.

Is the Philippine economy one of the problems and disadvantages of living in the Philippines?
Although the country’s economy has grown a lot in recent years, it has experienced a severe recession due to problems, especially Covid Nineteen.

What are the working conditions like in the Philippines in recent years?
Work in the Philippines has experienced a certain recession in recent years.

Is the Philippines a safe country?
Yes, but some security issues have caused certain crises in this country.

Can security issues be identified as problems and disadvantages of living in the Philippines?
Yes, one of the problems in living in the Philippines is security issues such as terrorism and terrorism.

Is the health care system in the Philippines recognized as a problem and disadvantage of living in the Philippines?
Yes, medical infrastructure has created problems, especially in small towns.

Are medical expenses reasonable in the Philippines?
The cost of general treatment in this country is reasonable, but the cost of specific treatment poses problems.

Are health insurance policies in the Philippines suitable for different people?
No, health insurance is for a small number and has no special coverage.

Are there infrastructure problems in the Philippines?
Yes, infrastructure problems in the Philippines are one of the country’s shortcomings.

What steps has the government taken to address the Philippine economic crisis?
The government is considering a cost-cutting plan for corporate income tax cuts.

The benefits of company registration in Philippines

  • Get Philippine residency for investor and dependents
  • Most people are fluent in English and the investor will have no
  • problem with the staff and the government
  • A strategic location in the Pacific and Southeast Asia that connects millions.
  • Government support for investors by providing incentives and exemptions
  • Low cost of registering a company and renting an office in the Philippines
  • Access to shipping is very cheap
  • Skilled and cheap manpower in the Philippines
  • Availability of special economic zones given that the total tax rate is only 5%.
  • The country has an open and free economy that allows 100% ownership in most sectors.
  • The Philippines provides well-developed communications, transportation, economic and trade infrastructure.
  • Companies in the Philippines have access to the vast ASEAN market as well as the vast trading opportunities.

The disadvantage of company registration in Philippines

  • Infrastructure problems
  • Health care problems
  • Rising healthcare costs in the Philippines for foreigners
  • Security issues
  • Economic problems

Type of company in Philippines

  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Partnership
  • Corporation
  • Stock Corporation
  • Non-Stock Corporation

The company registration process 

  • Submit a company registration application
  • Specify the name and get the name confirmation
  • Preparation and regulation of the company’s articles of association (name, type of company, company goals, names of shareholders and amount of shares, names of company managers, company address)
  • Certificate of no reputation for corruption for all shareholders and managers of the company
  • Registration of documents in the Companies Registration Office
  • Preparation of company seal
  • Opening a bank account and depositing the company’s capital
  • Completion and submission of two forms Sirv001A and Sirv001B by the applicant and his family
  • Send official documents that have been signed and approved by reputable authorities
  • Licensing from the Interpol National Center
  • Sending a medical certificate, identification documents and marriage or divorce certificate to the Immigration Office to obtain a residence visa