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Norway has excellent conditions in terms of quality of life, social welfare and security and rich natural resources, fertile lands, suitable climate, and ideal geographical location. It was named the happiest country in the world in 2017. It is also the third-largest country in the world in terms of exports and is considered a rich country with high annual income due to its investments in industry and the economy. Investment conditions in this country are favorable due to having a stable economy. Many people who are interested in staying in this country try different ways. One way to stay is to register a company in Norway.


The most popular type of company in Norway

There are several types of companies in Norway; From private limited companies to limited liability companies. However, Norway’s economic conditions and the rules that govern it have made limited liability companies attractive to foreign investors.

The reason for this popularity is that in a limited liability company, as its name implies, the partners are only liable to customers or creditors for the same amount of initial capital to register the company; Therefore, these people do not have the opportunity to request the company’s capital surplus to receive their demand. As a result, it can be said that this type of company has a low risk; The initial capital required to register the company is SEK 30,000. This capital must first be deposited in a valid bank account in Norway such as DNB. It should be noted that this capital is non-refundable until the end of the legal procedure for registering a company. The legal procedure for registering a company in Norway also requires about SEK 5,600.


The benefits of registering a company in Norway

  • Travel to all Schengen countries and the European Union
  • One year residence of the applicant and family members
  • Receive a permanent residence after 3 years
  • Obtaining Norwegian citizenship after 5 years of permanent residence
  • 100% ownership of the company without the need for a local partner
  • The possibility of opening a corporate and personal bank account
  • Possibility of registering a company with a European brand and free
  • Trade and customs laws within the European Union

Required Documents

  • The name of the company provided by you.
  • Fill in the company registration form in Norway
  • Passport scanning of shareholders and CEO
  • Economic justification plan or business plan
  • Ownership document
  • Print a bank account
  • A copy of the last degree ‌
  • Power of attorney (to be signed by the client)
  • Payment of company registration fees
  • Passport and all identification documents
  • Transfer of required capital to the account
  • Introducing the managers


Common questions

What is the best type of investment for a small business?
Registering a private limited company is one of the best ways to start a small and medium business. There are no restrictions on registering such companies. It should be noted that the minimum capital required to register a company of this type is about 4,000 euros.


How to get a visa through the company registration?
You must first file a case in Norway and get the necessary approvals from the government. After receiving the confirmation, the applicant must make an appointment with the embassy. A company registration visa issued to an applicant and his or her family for one year is called a Type D visa. You can renew your company registration visa every year by paying a certain tax and submitting a report and receive permanent residency after three years.


Do I need to register a company to start a restaurant?
Starting a business such as a shop, exhibition or restaurant does not require a company registration and only requires a license from the Norwegian government. Foreign companies operating in other countries can register and operate one of their branches in this country.


What should be the form for registering a business plan?
A business plan is formal writing that, while setting business goals and reasons for achieving them, provides plans and strategies to achieve the goals. The business plan details the business, describes the needs and anticipated result, analyzes all aspects, and estimates the potential costs of the project based on the financial plan.