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Nepal is a mountainous country located in the Himalayas and Mount Everest. In the southern parts of the country, the lowlands are seen as subtropical with a dense population. A central hill band has also been seen in Nepal, which includes fertile valleys. The north of the country is covered by the Himalayas, and of course there are very important rivers called Gagra and Cauchy in this country.

Investing in Nepal is often evaluated through the registration of companies or government projects. To invest and obtain residency in this country, the capital process needs to be evaluated. To register a company through investing in Nepal, you need to have a strong economic plan first, and of course, your economic plan must be officially registered in order to create good conditions for investment.

General Questions

How long does it take to register a company?
6 weeks to 8 weeks. Depends on the type of company

What are the ways to get a residence permit in Nepal?
Investment, work visa, entrepreneurship, marriage, education, etc.

What is the corporate income tax in Nepal?
25% to 30%

What are the advantages of having a Nepalese passport?
Nepal Passport You can travel to 37 countries without a visa.

The benefits of company registration in Nepal

  • Registration of a company with a shareholder and a manager of any nationality.
  • The minimum capital required to register a company is $ 1
  • Company presence is not required to register in Nepal.
  • Close to the two largest markets in the world, China and India
  • English is widely spoken by the public and investors will have no problem communicating with the public and officials.
  • Company registration fees, staff salaries and office rent in Nepal are very cheap.
  • Government incentives for foreign investment include tax and value-added tax exemptions, customs duty exemptions, easy visa process for staff
  • Nepal membership in BIMSTEC and SAARC

The disadvantage of company registration in Nepal

  • Nepal is a poor and underdeveloped country and suffers from a shortage of foreign investors.
  • 15٪ People earn less than $ 2 a day, so it can’t be a good market to sell products.
  • Eighty percent of Nepal’s population lives in rural areas and works in agriculture.
  • Administrative bureaucracy and lack of transparency cost company registration.
  • Obtaining various licenses to perform activities is time consuming.
  • There is corruption at most administrative levels, and you have to pay bribes to speed things up.
  • Local workers usually do not have international standards in terms of efficiency and ability.
  • Lack of proper roads, lack of railways, the shortest distance to the port of 221 km and difficult transportation are obstacles to investing in Nepal.
  • The power supply system in Nepal is constantly cut off and most factories have to buy generators. 17. Factory damages are due to power outages.
  • All Nepalese companies suffer from poor facilities.
    Nepal ranks 119th in the world.

Type of company registration

  • Nepal Limited liability company
  • Nepal Public Limited company
  • Foreign Branches

The company registration process 

  • Submit a company registration application
  • Specify the company name and obtain OCR approval
  • Preparation and adjustment of the company’s articles of association and registration in the OCR
  • Review of documents submitted by OCR
  • Opening a bank account and depositing the company’s capital
  • Certification of company registration by OCR
  • File in the Internal Revenue Office (VAT / PAN)