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Lithuania is a country in Eastern Europe and is a member of the European Union. This country is one of those EU member states whose currency is different. The country quickly moved to a market economy after gaining independence from the Soviet Union, becoming known as the Baltic Tiger. That is why people are trying to register a company in Lithuania.

The country is ranked highest in the European Union in terms of security, and the main reason why investors choose to register a company in Lithuania is because of the country’s currency, which is very stable. The Lithuanian currency is the litas, which is cheaper than the Euro.

General Questions

How much does it cost to obtain a residence permit in Lithuania by purchasing a company?
If you are the sole shareholder of the company, you must pay at least 6500 Euros.

Is it possible to obtain Lithuanian residency by purchasing a company?
Yes, a method of investing and obtaining residency in Lithuania is ready to buy the company.

Can foreigners buy ready-made companies in Lithuania?
Yes, foreigners can buy a company in Lithuania with a license.

Is Lithuania’s economy in good shape?
Yes, the country has had a growing economy since 2015.

What kind of company is suitable for obtaining a residence permit in Lithuania through the purchase of a company?
Limited liability companies are the best type to buy and obtain residency.

Is it possible for a family to obtain Lithuanian residency by purchasing a company?
Yes, the family of a person with a company can enter this country.

Do I have to pay more for family accommodation by registering a company in Lithuania?
No. The same amount you pay is used for family accommodation.

Is it possible to travel in Europe by obtaining a residence permit in Lithuania by purchasing a company?
Yes, Lithuania is a member of the European Union and travel is free.

How long can you stay in Lithuania by purchasing a company by purchasing a company?
You can stay in this country for one to three years and then extend your stay.

Does obtaining Lithuanian residency through company acquisition lead to citizenship?
Yes, if you provide proof of profitability of the company, you can obtain citizenship after several years.

Do I need to hire a Lithuanian employee to obtain Lithuanian residency by purchasing a company?
Yes, you have to hire at least three Lithuanian employees.

The benefits of company registration 

  • Possibility to stay with family in Lithuania
  • Possibility of opening a bank account in this country
  • Opportunity for family members to work and study in Lithuania and throughout Europe
  • Possibility of traveling and staying in other European countries and the Schengen area
  • Possibility of business and opening a bank account in all European countries
  • No need for physical presence in Lithuania
  • Possibility of obtaining permanent residence and Lithuanian
  • passport for yourself and family members

The disadvantage of company registration

  • Registering a company in this country is not an easy task. If you do not do enough research and consult with trusted professionals, the company that registers for you in this country may already be registered and may even have large tax debts.
  • Investment fluctuations in Lithuania over the past decade
  • The high rate of immigration of Lithuanians to other European countries reflects the country’s weak economy.
  • Corruption and lack of transparency in some economic sectors
  • Strong dependence on Russian exports and emerging countries
  • Insecurity of investment in this country

Types of companies in Lithuania

There are several types of companies in Lithuania, the most important of which are limited liability companies and public limited companies.

Private Ltd, UAB
This method is one of the most popular legal methods of registering a company in Lithuania due to its flexibility and unlimited capabilities in doing work, hiring employees, paying taxes, establishing local or international branches, etc.

In this method, the minimum capital is set at 2500 Euros and at least one shareholder is required. 249 people can become members of this company and shareholders have no responsibility for the activities performed by the company. The founders of this company can be of any kind of citizen or nationality.

Co., Ltd
This method requires at least one shareholder and there is no limit to the maximum number of available shareholders. The minimum capital in the method of registering a limited liability company is set at 40,000 Euros and the shareholders have no responsibility for the activities performed by the company. The founders of the company can be any kind of nationality or any kind of company. The company’s shares can be listed on public stock exchanges.

Small Partnership, MB
In the small partnership method, there is no shareholder and instead there are so-called members. In this method, at least one person is required, but the number of members is allowed up to a maximum of 10 people.

There is no minimum capital requirement. It can be as much as 1 euro or less. The members of the company have no responsibility for the activities performed by the company. It should be noted that only natural persons can become members of the company.

Individual or personal investment
This type of company is limited to one owner and individuals are not able to increase the number of owners in the company. There is no minimum capital requirement and the owner is directly responsible for the company’s activities, and in the event of bankruptcy, all of the company’s debts are transferred to the original owner in person to cover.

Agricultural Co., ZUB
To form this agricultural company, at least two members are required and there is no limit to the maximum number of members. As the legal name of the company indicates, this company is only for agricultural businesses. There is no requirement for minimum investment in this company. Members also have no responsibility for the business activities performed by the company.

Branch or representative office
This type of company is very similar to ordinary companies, but in this case, part of a company does all or part of the operations of the parent company. The foreign branch has no financial responsibility for the activities of the company in Lithuania.

The company registration process

If you are applying for Lithuanian entrepreneurial residency, keep in mind that regardless of nationality, shareholders and directors of a Lithuanian company can be a natural or legal person. Another important point to consider is that the shareholder and the CEO can be one person.

Company registration steps briefly:

  • First you need to open a corporate bank account so that you can deposit some of the initial capital into the corporate account.
  • The choice of name is also important. If there is a name in question, that name must be reserved.
  • Submitting a draft cooperation statute that has been stamped and signed by the Office of Official Documents.
  • Receive company or branch documents and establish it in about a month
    Providing the legal address of the company is one of the necessary and important things in registering a Lithuanian company.

Necessary documents for company registration

  • Full information of board members, shareholders and…
  • Legal address of the company in Lithuania
  • Bank account information
  • Statute
  • Decisions of the founders
  • Bank Certificate of Dividend

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