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There are restrictive policies for foreign immigrants intending to settle in Liechtenstein. None of the foreign immigrants working in Liechtenstein have the right to reside in the Liechtenstein prince, even if they are employed by a company in Liechtenstein. Foreign employees must obtain a residence permit to reside in Liechtenstein. Every year, 56 residence permits are issued to citizens of the European Economic Area working in Liechtenstein. Half of these licenses are issued by lottery and the other half by the government. The lottery takes place in the spring and autumn, and Swiss citizens are not allowed to participate in the lottery. Instead, 12 residence permits are issued annually to Swiss citizens working in Liechtenstein. All these licenses are granted by the government. Citizens of countries other than the business district and Switzerland must be trained managers, specialists or qualified workers, or employees with work experience in order to obtain a residence permit.

General questions 

How long can I start a company in Liechtenstein?
The whole process of registering a company in Liechtenstein takes about a month, but in special cases, this period can be longer.

Does my company in Liechtenstein need a specific location?
Yes, the Companies Registration Act requires all companies registered in Liechtenstein to have a local address. For this purpose, we can help virtual services.

Need a local partner to start a business in Liechtenstein?
No, there is no problem in having a local partner if you are a foreigner and want to start a company in Liechtenstein.

How many managers are needed in a Liechtenstein company?
The minimum number of directors for a local company is one.

Does the company need a local manager?
Yes, all Liechtenstein companies must have a manager who is a Liechtenstein national or a residence permit holder.

Should we have a vice president?
No, this law does not impose any requirements on Liechtenstein.

The benefits of company registration 

  • Favorable conditions for living and investing
  • Convenient geographical location
  • Existence of security in the banking system and investment funds
  • Low investor risk in litigation
  • Stable and open economy
  • Low taxes
  • Diversity in the economic structure

The types of companies in Liechtenstein

  • Limited Liability Companies or GmbH, these companies are the most common type of company in this country.
  • Limited Liability Companies or AG, which is equivalent to a public company in other countries.
  • Stiftung, which because of the many tax benefits it offers, many people are looking to register in this format.
  • Anstal, which is a unique business form that can be registered in this country.
  • Organizational trust is also a special form of business in this country.

Registration of a limited liability company in Liechtenstein
Limited Liability Company or GMBH is a type of company registration in Liechtenstein that is suitable for starting small and medium businesses. The minimum capital required to register this type of company is around 30,000 € (Euro). Limited liability companies are suitable for commercial and non-commercial activities and the local board of directors and registered office should be introduced.

The company registration process 

The steps for registering a company in Liechtenstein and obtaining a residence permit are as follows:

  • Filing a case through a group of lawyers in Liechtenstein and coordinating with the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and receiving approval and approval of the Liechtenstein government on the Business Plan and business license for the applicant
  • Schedule an interview at the embassy and receive a D visa for the applicant and their family. Attend Liechtenstein to receive a one-year residency and complete the company registration process.
  • After one year and submitting the work report of the company, the stay will be extended.
  • After 3 years of residence in Liechtenstein and in case of positive business activity, the applicant and his / her family will have the right to apply permanently.