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Ireland is an island in northwestern Europe, the capital is Dublin and the official languages ​​are Irish and English. Ireland shares a border with Northern Ireland, which is why it is also known as Southern Ireland. The third-largest island in continental Europe and, the twentieth-largest island in the world is Ireland, which has four provinces with Leinster as its capital. Ireland’s climate is temperate and it rains a lot on most days of the year. It also has two houses, the Senate and the National Assembly. The inflation rate in this country is about 7% and the unemployment rate is about 5%, the population of Ireland is about 4 million people.
Immigrating to Ireland is possible in many ways, one of which is to invest and register a company in Ireland. Ireland is a member of the European Union and the choice of trade in this country is free, and also because the currency of this country, which is the euro, has attracted the attention of many applicants for immigration.

The benefits of company registration

  • Low tax rates in this country
  • Low costs to register the company
  • Low costs related to telecommunications and internet
  • There is no tax on capital gains.
  • The best option for registering a partnership
  • It is the only European country that has an official English language and has the euro currency.
  • One of the best benefits is the ability to combine holding companies with business activities. These include the activities of the Joint Service Center, the Treasury, the Group Procurement, and R&D.
  • Ireland is home to some of Europe’s top and most reputable companies. Hence there is a domestic multinational investment.
  • It is one of the top countries in the world in the economic field for trade and business.
  • According to global IMD competitiveness reports, Ireland ranked fourth. This rank is in terms of access to a skilled workforce and freedom in the field of creativity.

Types of companies in Ireland

  • The private company limited to shares in Ireland
  • The company with certain activities in Ireland
  • Non-profit company in Ireland
  • Unlimited company in Ireland
  • A limited partnership in Ireland
  • A limited public company in Ireland
  • The company as a branch in Ireland

The process of company registration 

Address registration
Applicants for company registration in Ireland must register an address in an area of ​​Ireland. If the applicant does not have a physical address of the company in the Republic of Ireland, he can purchase a virtual address in Ireland in Dublin which allows him to receive an official letter and register his company.

Company Registration in CRO (Company Registration Office)
If the applicant is from a country in the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, he is free to register in the Republic of Ireland without a license. If the applicant is not from those regions, he must first apply for a license and then take final action. Do.

Choose a company name in Ireland
The applicant must choose a name for their company in Ireland.

Selection of managers and CEO
Irish partner law requires registration:

All companies in Ireland must have at least two directors and one CEO (who can be one of the directors).

Role of the Company Secretariat in Ireland
The role of the company secretariat in Ireland is mainly related to official and financial duties. Some important roles include annual registration and approval of related financial reports.

Documents required to register a company in Ireland

  • Determine the name of the company
  • Company Statute
  • Assign NACE code classification
  • Electronic file creation
  • Payment of company registration fees
  • Certificate of Registration
  • Complete and fill out Form 11
  • Have a specified business plan