Burundi f


Official Name: The Republic of Burundi


       Kirundi, French, English

           Burundian franc (BIF)



If you have a passport from the following countries, no need a visa to enter:

Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.

Otherwise, you should apply a visa with below documents:

  1. Passport with at least 6 months validity
  2. Flight ticket ( Return ticket)
  3. Hotel reservation
  4. Passport sized photo
  5. Certificate of  yellow fever inoculation
  6. Invitation letter by family members or friends or a travel agency
  7. Application form.

Visa fees :  US $90

Single entry: 90 days

Duration : 3 working days ( 72 hours)


JOBS IN Burundi

If you need a job, our team will try to send your CV  to the job finder and manpower companies. The companies will contact your  through your email and phone number  that you enter in your request form. Please send us your CV .


If you have plan to go to Burundi, it advised to look for a valid travel agency in Burundi or your friends advised you.  Have a enjoyable trip in Burundi.




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