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Bulgaria is a country in Southeastern Europe, bordering Greece, the Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, and Turkey. Bulgaria is one of the youngest members of the European Union. Rich and diverse cultures, a suitable climate is one of the attractions of this country to immigrate to Bulgaria. Bulgaria is one of the fastest-growing economies in the European Union and has the lowest tax rate on its citizens. Foreign nationals can obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria by investing in Bulgaria.

If you intend to stay in Bulgaria for more than three months, you must apply to the Immigration Office of the Bulgarian Ministry for a long-term stay. After five years of residence in Bulgaria, you can apply for permanent residence in Bulgaria.

Various ways to obtain a residence permit in Bulgaria

Residence through work:

You can enter Bulgaria by staying in Bulgaria by having a work invitation received from an employer. Of course, it should be noted that the legal formalities of job advertisements in the EU must be observed in order for the applicant to be able to obtain residence in Bulgaria.

Accommodation through study:

You can apply for immigration to Bulgaria for various bachelors or postgraduate degrees. You will definitely need to provide a language certificate for admission.

Residence through marriage:

You can get a residence permit in Bulgaria by marrying a Bulgarian citizen. Immigration to Bulgaria in this way is initially temporary, and after a while, you can obtain permanent residence in Bulgaria through legal procedures.

Accommodation through investment:

To invest in Bulgaria, you must first obtain a residence permit under a Bulgarian investment visa, which takes 4 to 6 months. After one year, you can apply to double your investment for Bulgarian citizenship. The citizenship application may take up to 6 months. Obtaining Bulgarian citizenship by investing in Bulgaria is a relatively simple process. It takes between two and five years to apply for citizenship when you submit your application and declare your permanent residence in Bulgaria.
Residence through investment in Bulgaria can be done through various ways of investing in real estate, self-sufficiency, business agency registration, and company registration in Bulgaria.

The benefits of company registration

  • The strategic position of Bulgaria
  • No need for a language degree
  • Low inflation rate in Bulgaria
  • Investment security within the framework of international laws and standards
  • No difference in company registration laws between citizens and foreign nationals
  • One hundred percent ownership of the company without the need for an external partner
  • No need for specified initial capital
  • Investing in free trade zones in the European Union
  • Trade with the whole world without restrictions
  • Ease of company registration rules
  • Relatively short process time
  • Ability to travel, study, work and live in any EU country
  • Access to a skilled and reliable workforce
  • Unconditional presence in this country
  • Possibility to live in Bulgaria with family members
  • The possibility of living in all European countries
  • High-speed processing of Bulgarian residence and citizenship applications
  • Access to free health insurance
  • Living in a safe and economically and politically stable country
  • Low strategic costs
  • Simple and convenient tax laws
  • Income tax rate of 10%
  • VAT on goods and companies, according to EU law zero percent

The disadvantage of company registration

Defective medical system:

While the European Union is known for its effective and efficient medical system, Bulgaria lacks this effective system and people are dissatisfied with its medical system because of the long waiting time and the use of the same method for most patients.

Industrial collapse:

One of the main reasons for Bulgaria’s declining population is the collapse of many heavy industries after the collapse of communism. As a result, many of the country’s population became unemployed and were forced to emigrate from Bulgaria.

The types of companies you can register in Bulgaria are:

Co., Ltd or LLTD (OOD in Bulgarian):

These types of companies have a very low registration fee and the minimum initial capital will be equal to 1 euro or 2 leva. The original owner of the capital can be a natural or legal person or it can be distributed among several shareholders. The shareholders also appoint the CEO of the company and the responsibility of each person is proportional to its initial capital.

Joint Stock Company (EAD or AD):

It has a relatively more complex structure consisting of shareholders, CEOs, and the board of directors and the minimum registered capital of such a company is about 26,600 euros or 50,000 leva. These companies can be established by one person or more (real or legal). If it has several shareholders, it is called AD; otherwise, if it has only one owner, it is called EAD.

Documents required to register a company in Bulgaria

  • Valid passport
  • Company name and type of activity
  • The business plan approved by a Bulgarian business entity
  • The legal registered address of the company
  • Provide documents for opening an account
  • The minimum required deposit equivalent to 2 leva (Bulgarian currency) or 1 euro
  • Notarized registration of the agreement and the consent of the shareholders to register the company in Bulgaria with their signature
  • Articles of Association approved by shareholders and directors with their signaturesThe whole process has been reduced from 4 days to 1 day so that you can go through the process of registering your company faster. Of course, to receive the VAT number, which is related to paying taxes, you need to register in about 12 days, and as a result, the completion of the entire process can be estimated in about 2 weeks.

Company registration process 

The main steps of registering a company in Bulgaria:
As a foreign investor in Bulgaria, one must meet the requirements for establishing and registering a company in Bulgaria, which include:

  • The structure and type of company in Bulgaria must be selected before formation.
  • Business start-up costs in Bulgaria must be considered at the time of registration.
  • Company rules must be prepared in accordance with the company registration laws of Bulgaria
  • Opening a special bank account for a company in Bulgaria