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The Republic of Slovenia is a Central European country that was formerly part of Yugoslavia. It is the junction of Eastern and Western Europe. In addition to its pristine and eye-catching nature, the country is among the four most beautiful European countries (Italy, Austria, Croatia, and Hungary). Slovenia is an excellent option for foreign trade and investment due to its strategic location. Slovenia is a parliamentary republic with an advanced economy and social status. Following an open market economic model and reducing investment risk, Slovenia has become one of the most successful countries in the field of investment and is an economic paradise for Eastern European investors. The currency is the euro and the official language is Slovenian. Slovenia is a member of the European Union and NATO. Slovenia was the richest republic in the Yugoslav federation. Slovenia joined the European Union on May 1, 2004, and has since joined NATO. On January 1, 2007, Slovenia officially joined the Eurozone, leaving out its former currency, the Slovenian Tolar. Last year, the total value of foreign direct investment (FDI) concluded in the country was 12.9 billion euros, an increase of 11.5% over the previous year. The founders of different companies have to pay duties or taxes every year. The amount and amount of fees of each company or company depending on the type of activity as well as the registration of the company in Slovenia. It should be noted that due to the change in the rules in 2020, the registration of a company in Slovenia has become easier compared to other countries.


General Questions

What are the conditions for investors and entrepreneurs to invest in Slovenia?
Age over 18 years, no criminal record, must have sufficient assets, at least equal to Slovenia’s annual income for livelihood, must have the necessary health insurance to cover at least one emergency medical care.

Can family members immigrate to Slovenia with an investor?

What are the conditions for obtaining a Slovenian residency through investment?
After registering the tax, the applicant enters Slovenia to open a bank account. The company is formed and the operation begins. After preparing the necessary documents, a residence application is sent. This process usually takes between two and three months. Once approved, the applicant can enter Slovenia within 14 days, during which time the applicant can register his / her personal address and also register in the Slovenian medical system.

What are the reasons for choosing Slovenia to invest?
High standard of living, very low crime rates, cheap and quality health care, good living conditions, fast company registration, good tax laws, high access to skilled labor, strong political stability, good economic performance, and…

Is it possible to apply for a residence permit in Slovenia by purchasing a property?
Only citizens of some European countries and the United States can buy property in Slovenia. Citizens of other countries may acquire the right to purchase property in Slovenia only if they have a registered business in Slovenia, or have acquired Slovenian citizenship through marriage, or have inherited property, provided that the conditions The inheritance of the two countries are mutual.

Should a company registered in Slovenia be active?
Yes, paying taxes alone is not enough, and the company must be profitable for Slovenia.


The benefits of company registration 

  • Excellent strategic position in the Balkans
  • Economic stability and free trade practices
  • Existence of specialized and experienced workforce
  • Visa-free travel to 164 countries, including the United States, Japan, and Canada, after obtaining citizenship
  • One hundred percent ownership without the need for a local partner or employee
  • No need for the physical presence of the founder of the company if the owner of the company is active outside Slovenia
  • Ease of company registration, no need for relevant work experience
    19% rate for corporate income tax
  • Access to all areas of the Schengen area for travel, business, and long-term residence
  • Ability to open a corporate and personal account
  • No need to submit a trade report for the last fiscal year
  • Extension of the residence of the founder even if the company is not active
  • Existence of free trade and customs laws within the EU
  • Use a proprietary brand or a European brand
  • No need for company articles of association
  • Free education for children up to a master’s degree
  • Use of free medical services
  • Possibility to apply for permanent residence after five years
  • Citizenship application five years after obtaining permanent residence

The disadvantage of company registration 

  • Extremely high public debt 96.8% of GDP (according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, 2017)
  • The banking sector is still recovering and remains vulnerable.
  • Reforms that are emerging due to repeated government instability.
  • Having a small domestic market
  • Multiple and informal barriers to foreign investment (including high taxes and high social security contributions)
  • Facing the fluctuations of the global economy

Types of companies in Slovenia

  • The company with unlimited and guaranteed liability
  • Registration of a public joint stock company in Slovenia
  • Limited participation and limited participation with fixed capital
  • Registration of a limited liability company in Slovenia
  • Register a company in Slovenia for entrepreneurship in Slovenia

The company registration process   

Choose a company name
You need to choose an appropriate name that represents your company and business. You should be careful in choosing this name because this name should not have been previously registered in Slovenia for another company and it should be in a way that your business activity is introduced with that name.

Company manager
This manager must be among the shareholders and this person will be appointed according to the opinion of all shareholders.

Company address
The place where the business is to be started must be specified.

Compose a company file
You should translate all the required documents and do not forget to scan all of them. You will then need to file and obtain the necessary arrangements for approval and business authorization from the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Government of Slovenia.

Slovenian government conformation
Note that when the Slovenian government approves your business plan, it means that you are allowed to register a company in Slovenia. You must make an appointment at the embassy and go in person on the specified date for an interview and presentation of documents.

Obtaining a tax number
All foreign investors are required to obtain a tax number. According to Slovenian company registration rules, accounting is required for Slovenian companies and costs at least € 200 per month.

Company goals
According to the economic justification plan that you present to the Slovenian government, all the goals of registering a company in Slovenia must be achieved and the expectations from the business activity in this country must be met.

Company bank account
Account opening is required to register a company.