United States of America


Official Name: The United States of America (USA)

Capital:               Washington, D.C.

Language:          English

Currency:           United States dollar($) (USD)

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The United States is an extremely strong country in the world economy and investment and has many attractions. Military and economically, it is the world’s number one power, while the country has the strongest and richest stock exchange in the world. That is why every businessman and investor has a great desire to register a company in the United States and operate and invest in this country.

General Questions 

How long does it take to register a company in the United States?
It takes about two weeks to register a company in the United States.

How much investment should be made to participate in the EB5 program?
The investment required for the EB5 program is currently $ 1 million. Unless the investment is in specific areas called TEAs or target employment areas. These are either rural areas or areas where the unemployment rate is one and a half times the average unemployment rate in the United States.

What is the business plan required for an EB5 file?
A very comprehensive business plan that shows how the business you are investing in will create ten full-time jobs. The applicant, his or her spouse or children, as well as any person residing in the United States on a variety of temporary and nonimmigrant visas, may not be considered as part of these ten employees.

Is it possible to get a green card by investing in buying a property?
No, investing in EB5 should create ten full-time jobs, which is not possible with real estate.

Is there a solution to eliminate investment risk?
EB5 states that the money invested in this investment must be risky. Therefore, no individual or company can guarantee your return on any of the direct investment methods or the regional center.

Is it possible to get a green card through the EB5 program by purchasing a McDonald’s branch?
No. Getting a green card requires ten new full-time jobs. Doing this in a business is very difficult and sometimes it can be said that it is impossible. But if you want to start a new branch, yes, it is possible, provided that someone can convince McDonald to sign a franchise with him without having a green card or being a citizen.

Is it possible to get a visa for that country by buying a house in America?
No, none of the US immigrant or nonimmigrant visas will allow you to stay in the United States simply by buying a home.

Is it possible to get EB5 by buying a few houses for investment to be rebuilt?
No, it is not possible to get a green card through the EB5 program by doing so, but if you implement a suitable scenario and prepare a good business plan, you can apply for an E2 visa with this program.

Will buying a franchise branch lead to getting a green card through EB5?
No, investing in EB5 requires ten new full-time jobs. It can almost be said that this is an impossible business by buying the existing branches.

The benefits of company registration in America

  • Has the facilities of a country with an advanced economy, excellent job opportunities, the best educational centers
  • Easy immigration to the United States and residence for the applicant and family
  • No need for managers and shareholders to be present in the United States
  • Start a business with a capital of one dollar
  • There are tax breaks in some US states
  • Existence of well-known and active banks in financial exchanges

Type or company registration in America


  • C Corp
  • S Corp
  • B Corp

Limited Liability Company (LLC)


  • General Partnership
  • Limited Partnership

The company registration process 

  • Submit a company registration application form in the United States
  • Determine the company name and obtain name confirmation
  • Preparing the company’s articles of association with all the details (type of company, setting goals, names of shareholders, names of managers, amount of shares, company address and postal code)
  • Provide documents of shareholders and company managers
  • Proof of financial ability of the applicant
  • Pay 50% of company registration fees
  • Preparation of company seal
  • Opening a bank account
  • Filing a file in the Finance Department
  • File in the insurance office
  • Receipt of the agreement from the applicant state
  • Payment of all necessary expenses for company registration

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