The UK League Two Football team, based close to London.

English League Two team  
Old UK League Two team close to London for sale. They have been existing for over 100 years. Including in the price are all the facilities, +30 players (total market value of a little over €2M), bars, restaurants, the stadium (capacity of +6.000), and all the equipment.

Revenue: €10.000.000
Valuation: €9.000.000
Profit: ±€600.000
POF required: minimum of £7-8M liquid 
Sales price: €9.000.000 (up for discussion)

Please find the information on the UK football team below. If you are interested to these English League Two football, the owner will forward the supporting financials and data on the club. The team is one of these 24 clubs. They did pretty well last season!

Please drop us your mobile number or contact us through email: info@danarg.com for more information or

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