The smallest deer in the world with 45 and 85 cm tall

  • Chile is the southernmost country in the world.
  • Chile is the world’s narrowest country with a length of 6435 km.
  • The world’s largest copper mine is located in El Teniente, Chile.
  • El Mirador is the only ski island in the world located on the coast of the ocean.
  • Students up to eighth grade can use public toiletries for free.
  • The world’s largest observatory is located in Chile.
  • Easter Island in Chile is the most isolated place in the world.
  • The import of any kind of food into Chile is strictly forbidden.
  • Chile is the cleanest place in the world in terms of environment.
  • Chile is the safest place in Latin America.
  • The largest swimming pool in the world is located in Chile, which is also recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • The Atacama Desert in Chile is the driest place on earth.
  • Chile is one of the largest exporters of salmon, after Norway and the United States.
  • The smallest deer in the world, called PUDU, is a native animal of Chile. These small deer are between 45 and 85 cm tall.
  • Easter Island is one of the richest collections of rock art and sculpture in the world, with 880 ancient stone sculptures.
  • Remote Mataveri International Airport The International Airport is located in Chile on Easter Island
  • Chilean Bellflower is the national flower of this country


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