This visa allows you to reside in Spain without engaging in any type of lucrative
activities. The process may take between 2 to 4 months from the day all documents are

Your will have to come in person to the Embassy.
The consular administration has full authority to evaluate, and request more documents
than those submitted by the applicant. The latter is hereby informed that submitting the
aforementioned documents does NOT guarantee automatic issuance of the visa. The
documents accepted to process the visa will not be returned.
ORIGINAL and ONE PHOTOCOPY of each of the following items must be

  1. National visa application form: The application forms must be signed and filled out
    in print.
  2. Original Passport: Valid passport for a minimum of 1 year, with at least one blank
    page to affix the visa.
  3. One passport size photos: (White Background, 2x2in) One per application form.
  4. Letter explaining why you are requesting this visa, the purpose, the place and length
    of your stay in Spain and any other reasons you need to explain, in Spanish or English. (Motivation Letter)
  5. Proof of enough periodic income (investments, annuities, sabbaticals and any other
    source of income) to live in Spain without working. The minimum income required
    is 25,817 Euros annually plus 6,455 Euros per each additional family member.
    All documentation must be translated into Spanish.
  6. Police Criminal Record. It cannot be older than 3 months from the application date
    plus certified translation into Spanish. A Police certificate of lack of criminal record. It
    must be requested to the Police. The certificate must be translated also into Spanish as
    indicated above.
  7. Medical Certificate plus certified translation into Spanish: Doctor’s recent statement
    (not older than 3 months) in doctor’s or medical center’s letterhead, indicating that ‘the
    patient has been examined and found free of any contagious diseases according to the
    International Health Regulation 2005’. Medical certificate, issued by any doctor
    authorized to practice in your country, with the following observations: that there are not
    symptoms of contagious diseases, mental disorder or use of narcotics. It should be
    translated also.
  8. Proof of international medical insurance while in Spain. Health insurance. A
    certificate of an insurance company in Spanish or English should be presented, attesting
    that the insurance policy has already been hired, the risks that it covers and its validity
    period, which should not be inferior to 6 months.
  9. Authorization form M790 C052, plus the Authorization fee

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