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Seychelles, an archipelago located in the Indian Ocean off the eastern coast of Africa, has a fascinating history, diverse culture, thriving economy, and a unique political landscape. This page provides an overview of these aspects, showcasing the beauty and resilience of Seychelles.

History: Seychelles has a complex history shaped by various influences. The islands were initially uninhabited until they were explored by the Portuguese in the 16th century. Over the centuries, Seychelles became a melting pot of cultures due to the arrival of French and British settlers, African slaves, and traders from the Middle East and India. The islands gained independence from Britain in 1976 and have since developed a stable and prosperous nation.

Culture: Seychellois culture is a blend of different ethnicities and traditions. The population is a mix of African, European, Indian, and Chinese heritage, resulting in a diverse and vibrant society. Creole culture is at the heart of Seychellois identity, expressed through music, dance, and cuisine. The traditional Sega dance, accompanied by rhythmic beats and colorful costumes, is a popular cultural celebration. The Seychellois people also take great pride in preserving their natural environment, as reflected in their commitment to sustainability and conservation.

Economy: Seychelles boasts a flourishing economy that relies heavily on tourism, fisheries, and financial services. The pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and abundant marine life attract visitors from around the world. The tourism industry contributes significantly to the country’s GDP and provides employment opportunities. Seychelles is also known for its successful fisheries sector, exporting seafood to international markets. Additionally, the nation has positioned itself as a reputable offshore financial center, attracting investments and fostering economic growth.

Politics: Seychelles operates as a democratic republic with a multi-party system. The President, elected through popular vote, serves as the head of state and government. The National Assembly represents the legislative branch and ensures democratic governance. Seychelles has a history of political stability and peaceful transitions of power. The government places great emphasis on social welfare, education, and healthcare, striving to provide a high standard of living for its citizens.

In conclusion, Seychelles offers a unique blend of history, culture, a thriving economy, and a progressive political system. Its rich cultural heritage, influenced by diverse traditions, is a testament to the country’s multiculturalism and harmony. Seychelles’ pristine natural environment and commitment to sustainability make it a popular destination for eco-tourism. The nation’s political stability and focus on social development contribute to the well-being of its people. Whether exploring its picturesque islands, experiencing its vibrant festivals, or immersing oneself in its warm hospitality, Seychelles offers a truly enchanting experience for visitors.


General Questions 

Seychelles is governed by the laws of which country?
It has been completely ruled by England since 1814.

Is Seychelles safe to travel or invest in?
There are many troubles for tourists, such as snatching bags, stealing, extortion, etc.

What languages are spoken in Seychelles?
The official languages of the Seychelles are Creole (Seselwa), English and French, respectively.

What is the economic situation of the people of Seychelles?
Most people in the Seychelles are poor, earning about $ 2 a day.

Do we need a visa to travel to Seychelles?
Seychelles does not require a visa, although if some countries needs visa, they issue in the airport in Seychelles.

What is Seychelles famous for?
Deep and clear waters full of colorful and beautiful fish.

Do we have to renew the company’s licenses every year?
Yes. Otherwise, unexpected fines will await the company’s managers.

Do we should have a physical office address to register a company?
You must provide an address in the Seychelles that will be the address of the company.

Is it economical to buy running companies or new companies?
Working companies give you a good opportunity to save your time and get into business quickly, but you must be aware of the financial obligations of previous company managers, otherwise many responsibilities will be transferred to you. By buying working companies, you will be deprived of financial exemptions for newly established companies.

What is the income tax in Seychelles?
Seychelles does not charge any income tax on IBC companies.

How many people are required to register a company?
A manager as a shareholder and a director is enough to register a company.

What is the tax rate for foreign companies?
Foreign companies can only be established in free zones, which are exempt from income tax.

What activities can limited liability companies not engage in?
Banking, securities trading, insurance, mutual funds and gambling.

Do managers or shareholders of the company have to reside in Seychelles?
No. You do not need to be in Seychelles to register a company or run a company.

Is the information of shareholders or managers available to the public?
The personal information of company managers and shareholders is protected and will not be made public.

What should be done to be active company in Seychelles?
You must keep your financial records and have a company representative in Seychelles with a fixed address.

How much does it cost to register a company?
$ 700

The benefit of company registration in Seychelles

  • Company registration in 2 weeks
  • Company registration with at least one manager and shareholder
  • Shareholders and directors can be of any nationality
  • Minimum capital of $ 1
  • Company management from abroad
  • No need for managers or shareholders to reside in Seychelles
  • No need for annual auditing and submission to the Companies
  • Registration Office or the Tax Office
  • Easy and convenient correspondence with company personnel and government officials
  • No need to pay taxes to export products abroad
  • Export to 39 countries contracted with Seychelles without customs duties
  • Non-disclosure of personal information of shareholders and company managers
  • Renewal of company documents and licenses in one day
  • Government support for all companies during the corona virus
  • Free work visa for foreign workers
  • Fast clearance of goods at customs
  • Zero percent tax on exports

The disadvantage of company registration in Seychelles

  • Under the new rules, the company must have a physical address, active employees and managers.
  • Being on the blacklist of European countries for customs exemption
  • For SLC companies, two managers and a secretary must reside in Seychelles.
  • Seychelles currency instability against other currencies.
  • According to the Global Competitiveness Index, Seychelles ranks 76th.
  • Seychelles’ economy is dependent on tourism and is not successful in competing with other countries and participating in the global market.
  • Rank 72 in the world free economy index.
  • Impossibility to operate in the banking industry, providing investment services, gambling and casino services for limited liability companies.

Type of company registration

  • International Business Company (Offshore company) (IBC)
  • Special License Company (CLS)
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Branch Office

The company registration process

  • Apply for registration of an international business company
  • Specify 3 names and get a name confirmation for the company
  • Preparation and adjustment of the company’s articles of association, including the approved name, type of company, goals of the company, names of shareholders with the amount of shares, names of managers, address and telephone number of the company
  • Complete the registration forms received from the Companies Registration Office
  • Opening a company account and depositing company capital
  • Preparation of company seals and logos
  • Registration of all company documents in the Companies Registration Office
  • File with the tax office and receive a tax code

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