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Investing and registering a company in Serbia is one way to immigrate to this country. There are several ways to invest in Serbia, one of which is to register a company in this country. Serbia is one of the European countries that shares borders with Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Bosnia-Herzegovina. It is a multinational city and many people of different nationalities live together. The country has a population of about 8 million and its citizens speak Serbian.
Serbia is a landlocked country that connects Central and Southeastern Europe. The reason for Serbia’s siege is that it is not located by the sea or ocean. Serbia is home to the largest Greenfield projects in Southeastern Europe and has a very capable human capital. It has free access to 15% of the world’s customs. It has a Free Trade Agreement (FTA) with the European Union. According to this agreement, all products from this country will be exported to other countries without customs duties and other costs. The Serbian government welcomes foreign and international investors, as well as financial and tax incentives for those wishing to invest in the country. The currency in this country is the Serbian dinar with the abbreviation RSD.

General Questions

What are the conditions for obtaining a residence permit for less than 3 months?
Applicants for this type of visa do not need the stamp of approval of the Serbian Immigration Office. To do so, the applicant must report his / her residence only to the local police department within 24 hours of arriving in Serbia. In addition, those who provide housing and accommodation to foreign applicants must report their residency status to the local police department. Applicants for visas less than 90 days in Serbia will be issued a white card.

What is a type D visa and how much does it cost to apply?
Foreign applicants intending to work and invest in Serbia must obtain a Type D residence visa in Serbia. This is a long-stay visa valid for 180 days. The applicant must personally submit the necessary documents for this visa to the Serbian Police Department. After one month, the applicant can obtain a Type D residence permit. The cost of issuing this residence visa is about 200 euros. Applicants can extend this visa.

For whom and for what purposes is a temporary residence permit issued in Serbia?
If the applicant intends to stay in Serbia for more than 90 days, he / she needs to obtain temporary residence. In order to obtain a temporary residence permit, the applicant must provide a certificate and documents to justify his / her trip. For example, the applicant must provide good reasons for traveling and staying in Serbia. In addition, the applicant must prove that he or she has sufficient financial means to support himself / herself during his / her stay in Serbia. Reasonable reasons for obtaining temporary residence include work, family formation, research in practical activities, participation in international contracts and professional activities, and so on.

What are the steps for obtaining a residence permit in Serbia through work?
Applicants for a work permit must first have an invitation from the Serbian employer. The Serbian employer can recruit foreign labor after ensuring that there is no Serbian labor force for the job in question. After the applicant submits the job application to the employer, the employer completes the employment contract process. The applicant can also go to the Serbian embassy and get a work permit.

What are the conditions for obtaining a residence permit in Serbia by buying a house in this country?
The applicant must buy a property and a house in the capital, Belgrade. The applicant must pay 10,000 euros to buy a property in this city. The applicant cannot sell this property for up to three years. The applicant must provide a certificate of financial viability. This certificate is intended to prove the applicant’s ability to pay for living expenses during his / her stay in Serbia. The applicant must pay 2.5% of the property transfer tax and 3% of the commission fee when purchasing the property and house.

What are the most important conditions for a foreigner to marry a citizen of Serbia and obtain a residence permit in this country?
Both parties to the marriage must be over 18 years old. Both parties to the marriage must be single. Both parties to the marriage should not be related. The foreign applicant must comply with the laws and regulations of Serbia. All property and wealth that a person has before marriage, also belongs to him after marriage, and the other party can not have a claim about it. All the property and wealth that both parties to the marriage acquire during their cohabitation belongs to both parties and to the joint. The marriage of a Serbian citizen to a foreign applicant is a real marriage based on mutual interest and commitment and is not done solely to obtain a residence permit in Serbia.

What are the conditions for applicants to obtain permanent residence in Serbia?
The applicant must have resided in this country for more than 5 years. The applicant must have been married for 3 years to a Serbian citizen or citizen of that country. Applicants who have temporary residence in Serbia, and receive permanent residence depending on humanitarian or political circumstances.

Who can obtain permanent residence in Serbia?
International applicants who have been working and living in Serbia for more than 5 years. Foreign applicants who have resided in Serbia for 5 years or more at the time of applying for permanent residence with a residence permit in Serbia. International applicants who have been married to a Serbian citizen for at least 3 years. Citizens and foreigners of Serbian descent. Individuals who have a temporary residence permit in Serbia, but only if Serbian government officials request permanent residence for humanitarian or political reasons.

What are the necessary conditions and documents to register a company in Serbia and obtain a residence permit in this country?
The applicant must submit the company’s business plan and work plan to the Serbian Immigration Authority. To register a company in this country, the applicant must have a certificate of financial ability of about 10,000 euros.
Required documents:

  • Submission of certificate of the applicant’s background
  • Provide a valid passport
  • Provide the proposed names of the applicant for the company
  • Certificate of financial ability of the applicant on the ability to pay for living expenses and business company during the stay in Serbia
  • Submit approved company articles of association
  • Provide the company address and residence address of the applicant
  • Presenting the company’s business plan and plan

How much does it cost to study in Serbian public universities and what are the documents required to obtain a student visa?
Tuition at Serbian public universities is free. To apply for a Serbian student visa, applicants need the following documents: Submission of a valid passport – Submission of a Serbian student visa application form – Submission letter of acceptance from the University of Serbia

What is the average salary in Serbia?
The average salary in Serbia is $ 453 per month.

What is the climate like in Serbia?
The climate of Serbia is continental and subtropical to temperate.

How do Serbs treat other people?
Serbs are warm-hearted and friendly to immigrants.

What is the quality of life in Serbia?
Serbia has a low level of welfare.

What is the cost of living in Serbia?
The cost of living in Serbia is very low compared to other European countries.

What is the average cost of renting a house in Serbia?
The average rent in Serbia is between $ 400 and $ 700.

Is it possible to buy a property in Serbia?
Due to the recent economic crisis in Serbia, the purchasing power of housing is low.

Are there any job opportunities for immigrants in Serbia?
Yes, there are many job opportunities for English speakers in Belgrade.

What kind of people are Serbs?
Serbs are a very family-oriented and warm-hearted people.

What is the healthcare system like in Serbia?
The medical system in Serbia is weak and lacks advanced equipment.

What are the job opportunities for immigrants in Serbia?
There are numerous job opportunities for English-speaking people in Belgrade in areas such as software engineering and program developers, management and sales.

The benefit of company registration in Serbia

  • Availability of quality workforce
  • Five university centers across the country
  • Language skills (Serbia is proficient in doing business in English)
  • Competitive operating costs (according to EUROSTAT, Serbia has the
  • lowest cost of electricity, gas and other fuels and fixed telephony among 37 European countries).
  • Relatively low construction costs
  • The average salary is 600-400 euros
  • The cost of accounting services is reasonable.
  • Rent a place at a low cost
  • Political and economic stability (Over the years, Serbia has taken strong steps to further improve its political and economic stability. The Serbian government has taken steps to reduce government debt, including greater financial responsibilities and public administration reforms).
  • Convenient location

By car: The Budapest Highway runs via Belgrade to Sofia, Istanbul and Thessaloniki.
A highway from Germany reaches Belgrade after passing through Austria, Slovenia and Croatia.
A new highway has also been built to Montenegro.

By ship: The Danube is a waterway that connects Western and Central Europe to Eastern and Southeastern Europe.

By plane: Nikola Tesla Belgrade Airport is 20 minutes from the city center.

The airport is 45 minutes from Montenegro.
Distance to Bucharest, Istanbul, Prague, Rome, Vienna, Zurich, Munich, Athens: one and a half hours
Distance to Berlin, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Kiev, London, Paris, Amsterdam: two and a half hours
Distance to Moscow, Dublin, Barcelona: three hours

Proximity to the sea: By plane only 45 minutes away from the Adriatic Sea.

  • Tourism (more than 50 sports and recreation centers)
  • Ski Center
  • Education
    Variety of international primary and secondary schools such as: British school, French school, Russian school, international school, American school with low costs from Western European schools
    The University of Belgrade was founded in 1808 and is one of the top 300 universities in the world according to the Shanghai rankings.

The disadvantage of company registration in Serbia

  • Hiring family members in administrative jobs is very common.
  • Serbia has the highest per capita smoking in the world.
  • Everything is done at the last minute.
  • Undeveloped democracy, bureaucracy,
  • Criminal acts with impunity
  • Low salary
  • Low standard of living of the Serbian people

Types of company in Serbia 

In order to register a company in this country, the applicant must first determine the goals of the company and present his justification plan. In the presented economic plan or business plan, the final goal of the company should be specified and it should be predicted what profit will be obtained from the company.

After agreeing to the plan, the applicant must take the necessary steps to register the company in the commercial agency by specifying the unique name and location of the company. It is also necessary for the applicant to take the necessary steps to open a special bank account for the company and receive a tax identification code. There are different types of companies in Serbia and one has to establish one company according to one’s circumstances.

  • Registration of a limited liability company
  • Company registration as a joint stock company
  • Company registration as a partnership
  • Private company registration

The company registration process

Investors wishing to invest and obtain a residence permit by registering a company in Serbia must submit all the following documents for temporary residence to the relevant authority:

Getting temporary residence:

  • All documents must be submitted in English and Serbian
  • Provide investor business plan
  • Obtaining temporary residence in Serbia for 5 working days

Documents required to register a company in Serbia:

  • Company Name
  • Company approval
  • Registration with the Serbian Trade Agency
  • Provide the investor’s personal address and residence.
  • Register for temporary residence in Serbia and receive a white card
  • Obtaining a residence permit
  • work permit
  • Residence tax certificate and certificates with their translation

All foreign nationals intending to reside in Serbia must receive one of the types of residency in the country, which includes 90 days of residence – temporary residence – permanent residence. Investors wishing to register a company in Serbia are required to obtain a quarterly, temporary or permanent residence visa. Investors can obtain a residence permit in Serbia by presenting their company documents. It goes without saying that investors must register their company in one of the official offices of Serbia.

Immigrating to Serbia by buying property

If you want to immigrate to Serbia and get a residence permit, you must first apply for a temporary residence permit. It is possible to use a temporary residence permit in Serbia by purchasing a property for a period of 6 months. This is an opportunity for people who want to buy or own property in Serbia.

Foreigners with real estate find it much easier to obtain a residence permit. All they have to do is submit their ownership documents at the time of applying for temporary residence.

If a foreigner is looking to buy a house or apartment in Serbia, he or she must arrange a contract and need a lawyer to do so.

To sign a contract for real estate in this country, you must go to a notary. After concluding the contract, the person in question does not yet own the property and needs to send his documents to the Real Estate Registry.

Once the deed has been issued, the individual can claim ownership of the property. To make sure a foreigner can be financed, the Serbian government checks his or her living documents at the time of applying for temporary residence. After the completion of the temporary residence and its extension, the conditions for applying for permanent residence are provided.

A permanent residence permit is issued through the property to the person in question, who owns one of the Serbian properties for a period of 5 years.

Who is granted permanent residency and immigration to Serbia?

  • People of Serbian descent.
  • People who are foreign nationals and marry a person from Serbia or a permanent resident of Serbia for 3 years.
  • People who are permanent residents of this country and the Serbian government wants to grant them permanent residence.
  • Foreign nationals who have been in this country for more than 5 years.
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