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San Marino

Immigration to San Marino is generally based on a variety of evidence. For example, the number of immigrants who have chosen San Marino for entrepreneurship has grown by 22 percent, and the government is trying to support the entrepreneurial group in San Marino. The process of migrating to San Marino is envisaged if the government can use certain funds to support individuals.

To get a San Marino passport, try to coordinate in time. This means that after 10 years of living in San Marino, according to the deadline announced by the San Marino government, apply for a passport in this country and try to have good documents and financial budget. There is a test to evaluate your knowledge in the field of education and work that must be followed accurately and in principle. Try to be very careful when obtaining a San Marino passport and evaluate all aspects.

You are going to travel to a European country and your life should be in line with European lifestyle and rules. The process of obtaining a San Marino visa may take a long time, so be patient and know that if you have a good degree, the urban space will be great for you.

To obtain a San Marino visa, first of all, you need to have certain identity documents, you must be familiar with the basic laws of life in this country, and you need to provide a certificate of no criminal record.

Another way to immigrate to San Marino is to invest through entrepreneurship. In general, individuals can enter the path of building helicopters, building international aerospace stations, as well as design and technology. Car manufacturing in San Marino is considered very routine. The situation of foreign producers and investors in this country in general can be considered as good immigration methods. Agricultural products and food and foreign markets are very important in this regard. Nanotechnology and biotechnology in San Marino are good places for entrepreneurship. The entrepreneurial situation in San Marino is generally good.

Another way to invest in San Marino is to buy real estate. It is possible to buy a property in Italy and it is worth buying a property in this field. You can have good conditions for investing in San Marino by using the Golden Visa program to attract applicants in San Marino. Buying real estate in San Marino has made it easier for people to enter San Marino. People who want to stay permanently in San Marino need an annual income of 100,000 euros, and the government has announced that the value of real estate is between 300,000 and 500,000 euros. The economic recession has followed a certain situation in recent years. Studies show that changes in property rates in San Marino have been fundamentally evaluated.

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