Saint Pierre and Miquelon (France)

 Saint Pierre and Miquelon

Official Name:   Saint Pierre and Miquelon

Status:                  Territorial overseas collectivity of France

Capital:                 Saint-Pierre

Language:            French

Currency:              Euro (€) (EUR)


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Saint Pierre and Miquelon

The islands of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon are located off the south coast of Newfoundland and consist of three islands:

  • Saint Pierre, 26 square kilometers (considered the main island)
  • Miklon with 110 square kilometers
  • Lang lead with 91 square kilometers

The islands of Miklon and Lang lead are connected by a 12-kilometer sand station. It looks small, but its unique features fascinate others.

The economic activities of the inhabitants of these islands include fishing and serving fishermen. In addition to economic activities such as fish farming, crab farming and agriculture, the government hopes to develop the tourism industry and strengthen the economy of these people.
Upcoming economic activities include trade and efforts to gain access to the oil and energy industries, which, if successful, will lead to economic prosperity.

General Questions 

Are Saint Pierre and Miquelon part of Canada?
The last piece of French soil in North America.

Where is the geographical location of the islands of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon?
25 km from Canada but belong to France territory.

What is the population of the Saint-Pierre and Miquelon islands?
About 7,000 people.

Where to get a visa to travel to Saint Pierre and Miquelon?
To get a visa, you must go to the French Embassy.

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