Official Name: The Republic of Panama

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            Balboa (PAB), United States dollar (USD)


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Panama is one of the 116 countries in Central America in terms of area and its capital is Panama City. With a population of about 4 million and an official Spanish language, it seceded from Spain in 1821 and Colombia in 1903. It is the least populous Spanish-speaking country in Latin America.
Panama is bounded on the north by the Caribbean (Atlantic Ocean), on the east by Colombia, on the south by the Pacific Ocean, and on the west by Costa Rica.

The Republic of Panama, a member of the United Nations and the Organization of American Dense Forests, is a dense mountain range with dense forests that connect Central America to South America.

Panama can be considered one of the most popular tax havens, offering a diverse range of accommodation programs through fast and cost-effective investment. The country’s tax laws state that you do not have to pay tax on your global income after receiving your residence permit.

The US dollar is used as a legal currency in Panama, which protects your investment or business from currency fluctuations. You do not have to stay in Panama after investing, but Panama’s excellent climate and very low costs have made it the second home of many people.
Investing and registering a business in Panama and its capital Panama City is one of the fastest ways to get residency in this country.

General Questions 

What is the corporate income tax?
There is no income tax on exports of goods and services, companies operating outside of Panama do not need to pay any taxes, they only have to pay about $ 300 a year, no matter what their income.

How do we know if our company is registered in Panama?
When a company is registered, a unique number is issued to the company, which you can find out by checking with the company registration office.

How much does it cost to register a company in Panama?
About $ 1,400. Includes all costs and required documents

How long does it take to register a company normally?
If the documents are complete, it will take from 2 weeks to 4 weeks, depending on the type of company.

The benefits of company registration in Panama

  • Possibility to buy movable and immovable property in Panama
  • Possibility of obtaining investment loan with very low interest
  • Ability to transfer currency to Panama
  • work permit
  • Panamanian passport holders can travel to 155 countries without a visa (even Schengen visa countries)
  • Free education for children living in Panamanian schools and universities
  • Ability to trade with the Americas and other countries

Why Panama?

  • Trading in US Dollars
  • Political stability from 1989 until now
  • Average economic growth in the last 10 years with GDP of 8.56%.
  • Low unemployment rate and moderate inflation 1.
  • 3 to 5 hour direct flights to most cities in the US and Canada
  • Government support for investors

Types of investments in Panama:

Public Investment (Heavy): The minimum investment for a business of $ 100,000 is under government supervision.

Investing in the forestry sector: $ 40,000 is needed to invest in reforestation.

Small investment: Investing in a business is possible with the management of the applicant and the employment of at least 3 Panamanian people for $ 10,000.

Retirement: A retiree can obtain this type of residency by showing proof of a fixed monthly income of $ 500 per couple and an additional $ 100 per child from outside Panama.

Agriculture: It is possible to invest in a farm or agriculture with a minimum capital of $ 40,000.

Academic: Students can receive a Panamanian residency after 5 years by enrolling in school and becoming a university professor or teacher to teach.

Type or company registration in Panama

  • Corporation (Sociedad Anonima) S.A
  • Partnership company
  • Private Interest Foundation
  • Limited Liability Company
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Civil partnership

The company registration process 

  • Company registration application
  • Name the company in English and get confirmation
  • Preparation of the company’s articles of association with full details (specifying the type of company activity, names of managers, shareholders, amount of shares, address)
  • Copy of passport of managers and shareholders of the company
  • Payment of registration fees

Notes on registering a company in Panama:

  • No minimum capital required to register a company in Panama.
  • The authorized capital of a company registered in the United States is $ 1,000, which is divided into 100 equal shares.
  • The company’s capital can be converted into any currency.
  • The shareholders and directors of the company can be of any nationality and do not need to reside in Panama.
  • Managers and shareholders of the company can be natural or legal persons.
  • All documents of the company in the document registration organization are done with the highest degree of confidentiality and without disclosure of name.

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