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The Republic of Moldova is located in southeastern Europe and is a landlocked country bordering Ukraine to the north, south and east and Romania to the west. After the August 1991 coup, Moldova declared its independence from the Soviet Union and then held presidential elections. The Moldovan capital is Chisinau. Moldovan citizenship was launched by the Investment Program (MCBI) in 2018 and allows investors to acquire Moldovan citizenship in exchange for investing in the country. The total time period for acquiring Moldovan citizenship is 3 months.


How can I get to Moldova?
You must provide a valid passport and travel proof (for example, car insurance, if you drive to Moldova, plane ticket, bus or train ticket).

What is Moldova known for?
Moldova may be known for its wine, which is quite tasty. Most Moldovan families make wine at home, so most wineries produce wines for export.  There are also many amazing religious buildings and institutions in Moldova, including churches and monasteries.

How can I be a Moldovan citizen?
The main applicant must be over 18 years of age, meet the application requirements and acquire the main eligibility share: Minimum non-refundable contribution to the General Investment Fund (PIF): € 100,000 for a single applicant.

Do I need a visa to visit Moldova?
It depends on your nationality. Some nationalities do not need a visa and can stay for 90 days.

Is a Schengen visa valid for Moldova?
Moldovan citizens with biometric passports can travel to Schengen countries without a visa.


  • It is possible to buy a passport in the shortest possible time, ie about 90 to 120 days
  • Possibility to obtain a passport for family (including spouse, children under 29 and parents over 55) as well as future generations without paying extra
  • Ability to travel to 122 countries without a visa (including Schengen countries, Russia and Malaysia)
  • Existence of dual citizenship law in Moldova
  • No need for interviews and travel during the passport purchase process
  • Low cost of living (Currency: Leo)
  • Reasonable price compared to other immigration methods as well as the immigration method of buying a passport in other countries


Registering a company in Moldova is a process that involves several steps. The founder of the company must provide various documents about the company itself and personal identification documents as well as sample signatures.
The articles of association of a company are constructive documents prepared in front of a notary public office in Moldova and signed by all the founders of the company in the presence of official documents.
The company’s articles of association include:

  • Company Name
  • Subject of activity
  • Shareholders and the amount of shares
  • The total amount of the company’s capital
  • Details on how to liquidate or reorganize the company.

All necessary documents for registration are provided to the Agency. Proof of payment of various registration fees must be included in the registration file. Foreign investors should note that any documents in a foreign language must be translated into Romanian and the articles of association of a new company must be prepared in Romanian.

Foreign investors can register several forms of legal entities and this choice is one of the first cases related to the process of forming a company. Our representatives can help you choose a suitable business form and then follow the integration steps. Registration requirements may be lighter for some jobs than for others. (For example, they are lighter for traders than private limited liability companies)


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