Kingdom in the Sky

  • Lesotho has been independent for about 50 years.
  • The motto of the Kingdom of Lesotho is “Peace, Rain, Prosperity”.
  • Lesotho has one of the highest rates of HIV in the world.
  • The poverty rate is so high that some people call it a “fourth world country.”
  • Only a quarter of Lesotho citizens live in cities.
  • Most rural people in Lesotho use a round brick hut with a thatched roof as housing. These cottages have no windows.
  • Lesotho was chosen as the world’s first twin nation because of its similarities to Wales in size, landscape, bilingualism and cultural heritage.
  • More than 130 schools are now connected across Wales and Lesotho, allowing teachers and students to visit each other.
  • The Lesotho Mountains are similar to Wales because of the special title of “Kingdom in the Sky” in Africa.
  • Lesotho is the only country in the world that has the highest altitude (above 1000 meters above sea level) and the lowest point in the world (1400 meters).
  • Lesotho is the only African country with a ski slope.
  • The Lesotho Mountains are a top snowboarding destination on the African continent, attracting thousands of skiers and snowboarders each year.
  • Lesotho has been a regular participant in the Olympics since 1972, but throughout its history, local athletes have not won a single bronze medal.
  • A 200-million-year-old dinosaur was discovered in Lesotho and named Lesothosaurus.
  • Lesotho is the largest garment exporter in South Africa, with about 80% of Lesotho textiles and garments exported to the United States.
  • Lesotho gets almost 100% of its electricity from hydropower along the way and simultaneously exports water to South Africa.
  • The three countries of Lesotho, Vatican and San Marino in the world are completely surrounded by the territory of another country.
  • Basoto blankets made of wool, with colored patterns, are used as a symbol of the status and cultural identity of the Lesotho people.
  • Although one-tenth of Lesotho’s land is arable, the majority of the rural population is engaged in agriculture, forestry and fishing.
  • There are virtually no asphalt roads in Lesotho and people use horses for transportation.
  • There are 28 airports in Lesotho, of which only 3 are the most used.


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