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The Indonesian name “Indonesia” is derived from the Latin word “Indus” meaning Hindi “Indian” and the Greek word “nesos” meaning “island”. Indonesia is designed like an arch and consists of thousands of islands along the equator. It ranks 4th in the list of most populous countries in the world. Indonesians live on the coast.
Indonesia is a very good choice in the field of maritime trade due to the existence of many large and small islands. Most job and investment opportunities in Indonesia are located in the capital, Jakarta. Indonesia is one of the richest countries in Asia, rich in mineral, oil and gas reserves. In the field of agriculture, the country is one of the major exporters and more than half of Indonesia’s economy and labor market and its population are supplied through agriculture. If Indonesia had a smaller population, given its abundant resources, it could have been wealthy and prosperous, but today the country is in poverty due to its large population.
Indonesia has been strongly influenced by Western culture in recent years, and this has led to many changes in the behavior and clothing of the people of this land. Indonesia, due to its years as a Dutch colony, has a very good infrastructure in the agricultural sector, the effects of which can be seen in this country today.
Most of the agricultural products exported to Indonesia are coffee, spices and tobacco, and in the industrial field, oil and gas exports, textiles and rubber are other export products of this country. Investing in Indonesia in the production of tin, nickel, coal and copper can be very profitable, but it requires a lot of knowledge and familiarity with the Asian and European economies. Indonesia works closely with the United States, Singapore, Japan and China in terms of exports and imports, and its investors can benefit from this.

General Questions

Which company can offer all the products and services?
PMA Company

How long does it take to register a company in Indonesia?
At least 3 months

How much is the corporate income tax?

What is the minimum investment amount in Indonesia?
300 thousand US dollars

What is the difference between taxes of domestic and foreign companies?
Taxes are the same for domestic and foreign companies.

How can I stay in Indonesia?
Education, company registration, marriage, work visa, etc.

What is the security situation in Indonesia?
The level of security in Indonesia is not very high. Picking, stealing and transporting drugs are other crimes in Indonesia.

How to get an Indonesian passport?
Get a visa for this country first and then permanent residence, then you must be able to speak Indonesian to be able to obtain Indonesian citizenship.

Can a child born in Indonesia become a citizen of this country?
The Indonesian citizenship system is a system of blood and soil. If a parent or one of them is an Indonesian citizen, their child can be citizen of Indonesia anywhere in the world. If he is born in Indonesia, it will be easier for him to become a citizen.

Is it possible to stay in Indonesia without registering a company?
Yes. By paying a gratuitous amount to the Indonesian government, permanent residence can be obtained, but the amount of this money is determined by the government.

Is it possible to settle in Indonesia as an entrepreneur?
Yes. One way to stay in Indonesia is an entrepreneurial visa, which requires a strong business plan and a minimum capital of $ 100,000.

The benefits of company registration in


  • The fourth most populous country in the world with a GDP growth of 6%
  • Indonesia is the fourth largest market in the world, eager to buy foreign quality goods and services.
  • The cost of living (food, transportation, rent, energy, staff salaries) is very low in Indonesia.
  • Indonesia has signed tax relief agreements with 65 countries.
  • Having free trade zones with high government incentives and high tax exemptions
  • The only ASEAN country to join the G20.

The disadvantage of company registration in


  • Large capital to establish a company of at least $ 300,000
  • High government restrictions on foreign investors, lack of transparency in government spending
  • Registering a company in Indonesia is very time consuming. (At least 3 months to register a limited liability company)
  • Corruption, bureaucracy to communicate with the government (Indonesia ranks 89th corruption)
  • Most businesses in Indonesia require additional licenses and these steps are time consuming.
  • Corporate income tax is 25%.
  • Investors are not allowed to withdraw their profits from Indonesia in rupees. Under Indonesian banking law, companies must submit all financial documents to a bank for approval in order to transfer more than $ 100,000.
  • All company registration documents must be translated into Bahasa.

Type of company registration

  • PMP (Wholly foreign owned LLC)
  • KP Company ( Free zone LLC)
  • KPPA (Foreign branches)

The company registration process 

  • Determine the name of the company and register online and obtain confirmation of the company name
  • Company Registration in BKPM (Investment Coordination Board)
  • Signing company documents in the Indonesian Registry
  • Receive a company residence certificate from the local municipality
  • Receive the company tax code from the tax office
  • Open a company bank account
  • Obtain approval of the company document from the Ministry of Justice
  • Registration of certified documents in the company registration office
    Print company profile in Indonesia National Newspaper

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