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Iceland is the northernmost part of Europe and is an island country located in the North Atlantic Ocean.
Capital of Iceland: The large city of Reykjav .k with a population of 320,000 and the currency of Iceland.
93.36% of the people in these parts of the country are Icelanders who are of German descent and the rest are mostly immigrants from other European countries and about 88% of the people of Iceland are Christians and most of them are Protestants.
Iceland seceded from Denmark on December 1, 1918, and was considered a poor country until the 20th century. In the years after World War II, with the industrialization of its fisheries, as well as asking for help from the Marshall Plan, it prospered and became a prosperous country in the 1990s.

For entrepreneurship and company registration in Iceland, it is good to know that Iceland has a free market at the regional and national level. The amount of tax in Iceland is very low compared to other member states of the Economic and Cooperation and Development Organization.

In 2008, Iceland’s banking system was justified with great difficulty and this led to political unrest, but according to the United Nations, Iceland became the 14th most developed country in the world in 2011.

Investing and entrepreneurship in Iceland and registering a company in Iceland from an immigration and legal point of view is very similar to registering a company in countries such as Germany, Austria, Slovakia.

General Questions 

Is it possible to obtain residency in Iceland by buying a house or property?
Applicants for permanent residence in Iceland should be aware that simply buying a house or property in Iceland will not directly reside in the country. In fact, citizens of non-EU countries must have the approval of the Minister of Justice to buy property in this country. The Icelandic Ministry of Justice is responsible for overseeing important matters such as human rights and the rights of immigrants.

What is the best and safest way to invest in Iceland?
Immigrating to Iceland through foreign direct investment. An applicant for permanent residence in Iceland can obtain residence in Iceland through foreign direct investment. For this purpose, the applicant can invest in fishing, tourism, green energy, chemical and biological sciences. The applicant must invest around € 200,000 in these industries. With this investment, the applicant can obtain a business visa and a 4-year residence permit. After 5 years of living, working and doing economic activity in Iceland, the applicant can apply for Icelandic citizenship. This type of investment is one of the best and safest ways to obtain Icelandic citizenship and citizenship in the fastest possible time.

What are the most important benefits of obtaining an Icelandic passport?
Eligibility to vote in Icelandic elections Ability to work as an Icelandic government employee Ability to travel and travel without a visa to 164 countries Ability to work and work in Iceland Ability to form social associations Ability to be protected by the consulate

What are the benefits of obtaining citizenship by birth in Iceland?
Possibility to enjoy social security benefits in Iceland. Possibility of free education in Iceland. Possibility to obtain an Icelandic passport. Possibility of work and employment without the need to obtain a work permit in Iceland. Having the right to vote in Icelandic elections. Possibility of living, residing and working in EU countries. Possibility to invest and buy a house and property in Iceland

The benefit of company registration in Iceland

  • 100% ownership of the applicant without the need for a local partner or Icelandic citizen
  • Extensive access to all regions and countries of the European Union (Schengen) for business – travel or long stay
  • Possibility to apply and obtain permanent residence after 3 years in entrepreneurship and company registration in Iceland
  • Possibility to apply for Icelandic citizenship and passport 5 years after obtaining permanent residence
  • Ability to easily obtain visas for other parts of the world
  • Possibility of opening a personal and corporate account for an applicant for entrepreneurship and company registration in Iceland
  • Ability to register and use European brands

Documents required:

  • The choice of company name by the original real person
  • Complete the entrepreneurship and company registration form in Iceland
  • Scan all passport pages of the CEO and shareholders of the company
  • Having a business plan or the same economic justification plan
  • Scan all pages of the CEO and shareholders of the company
  • Ownership document and print of previous and existing bank accounts
  • Copy of the latest qualifications of individuals
  • Preparing a power of attorney signed by the entrepreneurial client and registering the company in Iceland

The company registration process 

  • File in Iceland
  • Coordination with the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Receive approval and approval of the Icelandic government for the
  • Business Plan
  • Business permit for the applicant
  • Schedule an interview at the embassy and obtain a D visa for the applicant and their family
  • Presence in Iceland to receive a one-year residence and complete the company registration process
  • Submitting the annual work report of the company and extension of residence
  • Obtaining permanent residence after 3 years of residence in Iceland and in case of positive business activity for the applicant and his family

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