The Republic of Guinea



Official Name:    The Republic of Guinea

      Formerly known as French Guinea,  

   sometimes called Guinea-Conakry



 Guinean franc (GNF)




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The Republic of Guinea 


The Republic of Guinea, located on the West Coast of Africa, has a rich history, diverse culture, evolving economy, and complex political landscape. From ancient empires to colonialism, independence, and democratic transitions, Guinea’s historical journey has played a significant role in shaping its identity and influencing its present realities.

Guinea’s history is intertwined with the mighty Mali Empire and the subsequent rise of the Wassoulou Empire, led by the renowned warrior and ruler, Samori Touré, in the late 19th century. The region later came under French colonial rule in the late 19th century and was known as French Guinea. Guinea gained independence from France on October 2, 1958, becoming the first French-speaking country in Sub-Saharan Africa to achieve independence.

Guinean culture is diverse and reflects the ethnic plurality of its population. The country is home to over 24 ethnic groups, each with its own unique traditions, languages, music, and dances. The Fulani, Malinke, and Susu are among the major ethnic groups in Guinea. Traditional Guinean music, particularly the rhythmic and melodic sounds of the balafon, kora, and djembe, have gained international recognition. The country is also known for its vibrant arts and crafts, such as intricate wood carvings and colorful textiles.

The economy of Guinea is rich in natural resources, with mining being a significant sector. Guinea possesses abundant deposits of bauxite, which is used for aluminum production. It is also a major exporter of diamonds, gold, and iron ore. However, despite its resource wealth, Guinea faces challenges related to poverty, limited infrastructure, and socio-economic inequality. The government is working to attract foreign investment, diversify the economy, and promote sustainable development in sectors such as agriculture, manufacturing, and tourism.

Politically, Guinea is a presidential republic with a multi-party system. Since gaining independence, the country has experienced various political transitions and periods of authoritarian rule. Guinea has made strides towards democratic governance, and peaceful transitions of power have occurred in recent years. The country is actively involved in regional and international affairs, participating in organizations such as the African Union and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

As Guinea looks towards the future, it faces challenges related to poverty reduction, improving access to education and healthcare, and promoting good governance. The government is implementing initiatives to enhance social services, infrastructure development, and inclusive growth. Guinea is also committed to regional integration, peacekeeping efforts, and fostering diplomatic relations with neighboring countries.

The history, culture, economy, and politics of Guinea contribute to its unique identity. While challenges persist, the country’s cultural heritage, natural resources, and resilient population provide a foundation for Guinea’s aspirations to achieve stability, economic prosperity, and social progress. Guinea’s commitment to democratic governance, regional cooperation, and sustainable development positions it as a country with potential for continued growth and positive change.


General Questions 

What is the best type of company to operate?
Limited Liability Company (LLC)

How much is a corporate tax in Guinea?

How much is VAT in Guinea?

How much does it cost to register a company in Guinea?
$ 18000 USD

What is the minimum capital required to register a company?
No need required capital for limited liability company and for other companies is only $ 11 USD

Do company executives should travel to Guinea to complete the company registration?
No need.

How long does it take to register a company?
3 months

Is it necessary to have an office physically to register a company?

What are the areas for investing in Guinea?
Investments in bauxite, iron, diamond, gold, uranium, as well as agriculture and fisheries.


The benefit of company registration in Guinea 

  • Company registration can be done with a director and a shareholder of any nationality.
  • Registration of a company in Guinea does not require a license renewal for 100 years.
  • You do not need to be in Guinea to register a company.
  • Minimum capital is not required to register a company.
  • Company directories do not need to reside in Guinea.
  • You do not need to be in Guinea to register a company.
  • Guinea is the world’s fifth largest producer of bauxite.
  • There are 1,165 rivers in Guinea that invest in energy to power the whole of West Africa.

The disadvantage of company registration in Guinea 

  • High income tax in Guinea
  • A physical office is required to register a company.
  • Poor infrastructure and lack of government support
  • Corruption and bureaucracy
  • Political instability
  • Emergence of Ebola in the country

Type of company registration

Limited Liability Company (SARL)
Public Limited Company (SA)
Branch Office
Representative Office

The company registration process 

  • Submit company registration application to Guinea Commercial Office
  • Specify the company name
  • Prepare the company’s articles of association, including the name of the company, type of activity, names of shareholders and the amount of shares of shareholders, names of directors, address and telephone number of the company
  • Opening a bank account and transfer the company’s capital
  • Registration of the company
  • Publish of an advertisement for starting a business in newspaper
  • File with the tax office and get a professional license
  • Prepare a stamp and letterhead
  • File a case with the Social Security Administration





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