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Guatemala is located in Central America and with a population of approximately  13 million people, it is a very beautiful small country near the dreamy shores of the Caribbean Sea. Growing and positive annual production, which adds to the dynamism of the country’s economic situation, along with the existing security and political credibility, has led to the fact that the passport of this country has a credit similar to the passport of the United States of America.

About 2.56 percent of Guatemalans live below the poverty line, with a GDP of $ 53.62 billion, a labor force of 3,968,000 and an unemployment rate of 2.3 percent.

Its exports include coffee, sugar, oil, clothing, bananas, fruits and vegetables, and cardamom, which are exported to the United States, El Salvador, Honduras, and Mexico. Its imports include fuel, machinery and transportation equipment, construction goods, fertilizers and electricity from the United States, Mexico, China, El Salvador and South Korea.

General Questions 

How long does it take to get a permanent residence in Guatemala?
To become a permanent resident of Guatemala, you must have lived in Guatemala for at least three years, and this process is much easier and faster for people who have entered Guatemala through investment.

If a child is born in Guatemala, will he or she become a citizen?
Guatemalan law is subject to land. If a child is born in this country, they give citizenship to the child and the parents to 5 years of residence, which can later lead to permanent residence.

What is the corporate income tax?
25% is different for limited liability companies and different for other companies.

The benefits of company registration in Guatemala

  • Company registration can be done completely and 100% by foreigners.
  • No need to live in Guatemala.
  • Minimum required capital ($ 260)
  • Inexpensive worker compared to other Central American countries with an average monthly salary of $ 270
  • Registering a company in the export zone with numerous exemptions such as tax exemption, customs exemption, vat exemption.
  • Permission to export goods to the United States without customs duties under the 2004 agreement between Kuwait, the United States and Central American countries
  • Guatemala ports close to US market (4 days)
  • The largest exporter of cardamom in the world (35,000 tons per year)

The disadvantage of company registration in Guatemala

  • All Guatemalan companies must hire a legal representative who can be a foreigner but must reside in Guatemala.
  • The official language of Guatemala is Spanish, where all documents must be translated and certified, and this is time consuming.
  • It will be difficult for company executives to communicate with government employees if they do not speak Spanish.
  • This market will not have many lucrative opportunities for investors due to its population of 16 million and GDP of $ 3,900 per year.

Type or company registration in Guatemala

  • Limited liability Company
  • General Partnerships
  • limited Partnerships
  • Foreign Branch

The company registration process 

  • Submit a company registration application
  • Determine the name and get the name confirmation
  • Preparation and regulation of the articles of association, which should include the following:

Approved company name
Company type
Company goals
Date of liquidation of the company
Name and address of the company’s shareholders with the amount of their shares
Name and address of company managers
Determine the total capital of the company
Company location address

  • Company registration in the Companies Registration Office
  • File a case with the tax office
  • File a case with the insurance office to insure the company’s personnel
  • Open a company bank account and deposit the company’s capital

4CA visa

The four countries of Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala have agreements between themselves that with a 4CA visa, which stands for 4Central America and issued by each of these countries, you can travel to the other countries. The 4CA visa is similar to the Schengen visa on a much smaller scale.

Citizenship of Guatemala with 30 thousand dollars

Obtaining Guatemalan citizenship and passports is very popular among world businessmen, especially in India, Iraq, Pakistan, Lebanon, China and Russia, due to its very low price compared to other countries and its 45-day issuance. You can obtain a Guatemalan residence and passport forever for 45 days by donating $ 30,000.
Guatemala can be considered as a second cheap passport that allows the holder to travel to 118 countries without a visa, including all European countries and Britain, Ukraine, Russia, all South American countries, Japan, Singapore and… . But as mentioned, the cheapness of this country’s passport has made it more popular than the Dominica or other countries’ passports.

Conditions for obtaining a Guatemalan passport

You will receive a Guatemalan passport for 45 days by paying at least $ 30,000 as a gift to the National Development Fund, but you must stay for at least 21 days for the first year and 28 days each year for the next two years to renew it. you have.

Required Documents
To buy a second passport, you must submit all the documents because in full to the immigration office of this country:

  • Complete and submit the application form
  • Applicant’s main passport
  • Guatemala visa or stamp
  • Certificate of good conduct
  • Certificate of registration and translation of identity card from the countries where you have resided for more than a year.

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