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Dear Sir,
Danarg GmbH is a German Registered Company involved in engineering of infrastructure projects on governmental and private basis. It is mainly involved in project planning and development, construction and financing of sustainable and creditworthy business ventures. For financing construction or building projects or commercial and industrial ventures, Danarg GmbH elaborates concepts with the joint venture partner and submits business plans to well- connected European Banks and Investors Trusts.
Minimum cash equity of 20 percent of calculated project investment has to be deposited by the credit-applying corporation at a European first class Bank at the corporation’s own registered bank account. The minimum deposit amounts are EURO 10 Million and project-financing value should not be less than EURO 50 Million.
Financing application conditions:

  • Preliminary Project Review After Pre-Approval:
  • Proof of Asset Funds at European Bank (20 % of project volume or loan volume) by Client.
  • Incorporation of Joint Shareholding Company in European Country and under European Law with a Registered Share Capital of Euro 250,000.00.
  • Incorporation of a JV Project Shareholding Co. in a European Country and under European or Swiss Law, preferably in Germany, Switzerland, Luxembourg or in Liechtenstein.
  • Corporation Registration Documents from European Country.
  • Project Business Plan including Feasibility Study together and Liquidity/Budget Plan etc.
  • Client Information Sheet (CIS),
  • Proof of Funds by Deposit on Corporation’s Account at first class European Bank. Further details will be submitted and under laid by direct communication with the Client.
    Important: Client and/or Corporation has to be European Nationality. Proof of Funds has to be in EURO, US-Dollars or Swiss Francs.

Asset Capital (Funds/Equity) of Shareholding Corporation has to be proven towards financing Banks or Investors Trusts only and will be hold on own blocked corporation’s accounts as deposits and will be under Corporation’s sole authorization.
This means that cash amounts will be blocked under a non-callable administrative hold by the management and shareholders of the own corporation itself until to the end of duration of the financing period and complete amortization of the loans. There is no access to the asset capital and loan capital from anybody outside of the corporation or outside of the management (only from the CEO together with the investing partners and shareholders). With other words: the cash amounts will stay under the sole control and ownership of the shareholding corporation and its owners.
The administrative hold of equity (cash amounts) will be unblocked to the favour of the corporation and to the owners after complete amortization of the granted loans towards the project-financing Institutes (Banks, Investors Trusts or Trustees).
Duration of granted loans are depending on the kind of project but should not last longer than 5 to 10 years.
Fee for corporation settlement, company assets, including all costs for management and operating the European Project Financing Company with audit after the first year Euro 250.000, and Euro 150.000,- each following year.
Success fee for project financing payouts: 5 % due after first and second loan payment.
Interest Rate for financing capital settlements: 4% of credit capital (borrowed amounts) for contracts agreed in 2020.
This is a private and confidential information to our clients who agree to keep it with discretion and protect it from disclosure. To enter in one of these financing projects is by invitation only after project and compliance approval. There is no right but a privilege to participate.

Danarg GmbH

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