Cook Islands

 Cook Islands

Official Name:  The Cook Islands

Status:                Area of the Realm of New Zealand and Associated State


       English, Cook Islands Maori

           New Zealand dollar (NZD), Cook Islands dollar

OUR SERVICES;                      

  • Consultation (in person, online, phone)
  • Helping to prepare your documents
  • Start to finish your company registration process
  • Immigration services

visa information

Bona fide visitors do not require entry permits provided they possess onward passage and do not intend staying for more than 31 days. They must have a valid passport, adequate financial means of supporting their stay, and suitable accommodation.

Cook islands travel information

The Cook islands have a close relationship with New Zealand, so if you need consular assistance a New Zealand embassy would help.


If you would like to travel this country, it’s better to search in internet and read some logbook that are written by another passengers and also see which travel agency they had received full services. Before you flight, you should find out which places are your favorite to visit. historical places, natural places, museums, zoo, temples, … .

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