The Bahamas


Official Name: The Commonwealth of The Bahamas



            Bahamian dollar (BSD)

OUR SERVICES;                      

  • Consultation (in person, online, phone)
  • Helping to prepare your documents
  • Start to finish your company registration process
  • Immigration services

Visa Information

To enter The Bahamas, citizens from countries other than the US and Canada need visa in advance. The following countries is needed to apply for visa in advance before arrival. The cost of visa is vary by nationality and the process is only a few days to organize at an embassy. The visa duration will be 3 months for all nationality.

you should submitted below documents to achieve visa:

  • Passport with minimum 6 months validity
  • Photograph
  • Flight reservation
  • Hotel reservation
  • Application form

Travel Information 

The Bahamas is a coral archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s more than 700 islands and cays ranging from uninhabited to tourist centers. The most northern, Grand Bahama and Paradise Iceland with a  large hotels that is known as  the best place for diving and snorkeling.

If you would like to be in this islands for holiday, you can search for a famous travel agency in net or ask your friends to advise you.

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