Official name:         Tajikistan

Capital:                      Dushanbe
Currency:                  Tajikistani somoni
Official language:    Tajiki


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Tajikistan is one of the Asian countries that shares borders with Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and China and has a special place in Asia. Dushanbe is the capital of the country and its financial unit is Samani and they speak the official Tajik language.

The country has good financial and economic stability, which has made people willing to invest and start a business in the country. In addition, starting a business in Tajikistan provides other opportunities and benefits for investors. These include: effective use of material and financial resources, the possibility of using advanced machinery and technology, providing favorable conditions for the activities of investors, capital acquisition and possession of investments, observance of international law and international performance, and…

General Questions 

Is Tajikistan suitable for living and investing?
Yes Tajikistan is one of the best countries with a growing market for investment.

How is investing in Tajikistan possible?
Investing is possible through methods such as registering a company in Tajikistan, buying property in Tajikistan, entrepreneurship in Tajikistan, and so on.

What models are possible to register a company in Tajikistan?
Registration of a company in Tajikistan is possible with the models of a limited liability company, a public company and an agency or branch.

What are the basic conditions for registering a company in Tajikistan?
To register a company in Tajikistan, the basic conditions are to understand the cultural, social and political factors.

Does registering a company in Tajikistan require tax conditions and reviewing it?
Yes, you need to know about tax laws in different processes.

What is the constitution of the company registration in Tajikistan about?
The constitution deals with the main structures of trade and company registration in this country.

Is it necessary to open a bank account to register a company in Tajikistan?
Yes, it is necessary to open a bank account to register a company in this country.

What is the minimum capital allowed to register a limited liability company in Tajikistan?
The minimum capital is seventy-five euros.

Is it possible to obtain permanent residence by registering a company in Tajikistan?
Yes, this method can be applied for permanent residence.

The benefits of company registration in Tajikistan

  • A growing economy between 5 and 7 percent
  • Has sources of gold, silver and coal
  • Cheap shipping, food, rent, staff salaries and office rent
  • Close proximity to two major commercial markets, Japan and Turkey
  • Has free trade zones with special privileges
  • Member of the World Trade Organization
  • 2030 National Development Strategy with emphasis on attracting
  • investors with special incentives and privileges

The disadvantage of company registration in Tajikistan

  • Corporate income tax 23% and 13% tax on product production
  • High government tariffs on export of products
  • Problem communicating with people and government employees.
  • Because most people are not able to speak English.
  • Lack of freedom of investment in Tajikistan. Rank 122 in the Heritage Investment Freedom Index

Type of company in Tajikistan

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Joint-Stock Company (JSC)
  • Foreign Office/Branch

The company registration process 

  • Submit a company registration application
  • Determining the name and obtaining approval from the Companies Registration Office
  • Preparation and regulation of the company’s articles of association, which should include the following:
    Company name, type of company, company goals, names of shareholders and the amount of their shares, names of company managers, company address)
  • Pay the registration fee at Amonatbank
  • Register the company in the tax office and obtain the TIN tax code
  • Preparation of company seal
  • Opening a company bank account and depositing company capital in the account
  • Register at the Insurance and Pension Office and receive the SIN code
    Registration in the field of VAT

Investment opportunities in the Republic of Tajikistan

  • Establishment of small hydropower plants and large dams
  • Construction of residential complexes and hotels
  • Reconstruction and renovation of Dushanbe Cement Factory and construction of new factories
  • Construction of factories producing construction and sanitary materials
  • Food industry
  • Processing industries
  • Pharmaceutical industry and medical equipment
  • Textile industry
  • Road construction and telecommunications
  • Tourism industry