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North Korea

North Korea is a one-party state with very strange and special laws. The strict laws of this country and the lack of sufficient information about this country make many people reluctant to travel to this country; But there are always adventurers in the world who want to travel to lesser-known parts of the world and have the experience of being in these places themselves so that they can understand and explore that area outside the context of the media.

Economy in North Korea

The country’s GDP is $ 40 billion. 20 million people make up the country’s labor force. Economic statistics about this country are not very accurate. It is estimated that 37% of its workforce is employed in agriculture and the rest in industry and services.
Its exports include minerals, metal alloys, manufactured goods including military weapons, textiles, agricultural products and fisheries.
The country’s imports include petroleum products, coke, machinery and equipment, textiles and cereals.