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New Zealand

New Zealand is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It may be interesting to know that this country has no neighbors and the only country a few kilometers away is Australia. New Zealand has a population of 4.360,000, covering an area of ​​268,000 square kilometers. The currency of New Zealand is the New Zealand dollar and the official languages ​​are English and Maori. The capital of New Zealand is Wellington and its largest city is Auckland. New Zealand has a thriving economy and is one of the richest developed and richest countries in the world in 2013 in terms of the human development index. New Zealand’s unemployment rate is around 5% and its economic growth has been rising sharply in recent years. It should be noted that per capita income in New Zealand has been growing rapidly in recent years. New Zealand has undergone many improvements in recent years, ranking 10th in the world in terms of quality of life by Economics Magazine in 2006. In New Zealand, a wide range of free trade agreements, an efficient tax system and investment through entrepreneurship have created a stable and competitive economy.



How much does it cost to register a company in New Zealand?

The minimum capital required to register a company in New Zealand is New Zealand $ 100,000. It should be noted that no points are awarded for this amount of capital.

What are the conditions for registering a company in New Zealand?

Company registration in New Zealand is based on a scoring system, and individuals are eligible if they earn at least 120 points. It is also necessary to invest at least $ 100,000 in New Zealand and provide a strong business plan.

What are the factors for earning points in the New Zealand company registration scoring system?

Age; work experience; Capital in New Zealand dollars; Number of people employed; Business Export Forecast.

Is it possible to obtain residency by registering a company in New Zealand?

Applicants for registration in New Zealand first receive a one-year residency, and if they start a business during this period, they can extend the residency and after 3 years, receive permanent residency.


  • Very high social and health services for citizens
  • Unemployment rate very low
  • Possibility of free education in New Zealand universities with high world rank
  • The official language of New Zealand in English
  • Travel to 172 countries worldwide without a visa
  • Balanced weather conditions in New Zealand

Some of the most profitable businesses in New Zealand in 2020 are:

  • Accounting companies
  • Real estate buying, selling, mortgaging, and rental agencies
  • Spare parts for cars
  • Legal services

Types of company registration in New Zealand

According to statistics obtained in 2016 from the World Trade Bank, New Zealand has the easiest trend among other countries in the world to start and do business. Using government online portals, the process of booking and registering a company in New Zealand can also be done in a matter of hours.

Types of company registrations in this country are:

Company registration in this way is more common for professionals and agricultural industries. Participation is an effective way to share costs and business operations. For example, several people and several professions start working together. In the participatory method, income tax is not paid in partnership and instead distributes the income among the partners. The partners then pay their share tax. The registration of the company can be done by signing a partnership agreement and the registration process is not difficult. In previous years, registering a partnership was only for lawyers, doctors, accountants, and other specialties. But today, this type of company registration is not common among foreigners and they can choose other types of company registration that are safer and more profitable.

Co., Ltd in New Zealand

This type of company registration is the best type of business start-up because it is a formal and legal law firm and is not separate from its shareholders and owners. The liability of each shareholder for losses is limited to the extent of their share in the ownership of the company, and this process applies when the company is facing bankruptcy and risk. A limited liability company is one of the most successful companies in New Zealand, and this success in business is governed by the relationship between investors, shareholders, managers, and customers. This type of company registration can only be done by paying a fee of $ 150 (New Zealand dollar) paid online.

Sole trade or just a businessman or trader in New Zealand

A businessman starts an individual business. He can be employed by the citizens of the country concerned for his company, but he alone must be solely responsible for the management and control of the company as well as the right to all profits. The person is personally responsible for all taxes and debts of his business company. Most companies can be registered this way without the need for any paperwork and paperwork. Many companies in New Zealand are first registered as sole traders and then gradually become limited liability companies as they progress.


The general process of registering a company in this country at a glance is:

  • Presenting a business plan
  • Preparation of economic justification plans
  • Determining shareholders and managers of the company
  • Pay administrative fees for registration
  • Receive a special number in order to start a company
  • Complete the company registration application form online
  • Request to determine the company name and company logo
  • Announcing the address of the company and the address for the services provided by the company

If the country agrees, the person will be given a 3-year visa, during which time the person and the executive team must make every effort to do business. Registering a company in New Zealand after 2 out of 3 years and positive performance will lead to permanent residence of the founder.

New Zealand is the fastest growing business in the world

Dr. Mehdi Pourmazaherian

Business Advisor

For additional information on company registration in New Zealand, please send your request and contact Dr. Mehdi Pourmazaherian directly.