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Mauritius is an island in the southwestern Indian Ocean with an area of ​​2040 square kilometers and a population of about 1274,000, located about 900 km east of Madagascar. The coastline around the island is 180 km, all of which is covered with soft, white and shiny sand. Mauritius is located in the southern hemisphere.
The country’s exports include clothing and textiles, sugar, twigs, sugar syrup and fish, which are exported to Britain, France, the United Arab Emirates, the United States and Madagascar. Its imported products include consumer goods, commodities, foodstuffs, oil and petroleum products and chemicals imported from France, India, China and South Africa.

General Questions 

What is the best type of company for global trading?
Non-resident Company (Authorized Company (AC))

How much is a corporate tax in Mauritius?
3 % for export and 15% for local market

How much is VAT in Mauritius?

What is the minimum capital required to register a company?
$ 1 USD

Do company executives should travel to Mauritius to complete the company registration?
No need.

How long does it take to register a company?
1 month

Is it necessary to have an office physically to register a company?

The benefit of company registration in Mauritius

  • Company registration in Mauritius can be done within a month.
  • Company registration can be done with a manager and a shareholder of any nationality.
  • Managers or shareholders do not need to travel to Mauritius to register the company and complete the process.
  • The minimum capital required to register a company is US $ 1.
  • Receive government incentives for foreign investors such as up to 10 years of income tax exemption and customs duty exemption.
  • Return on investment and profit of investors without restrictions and control and administrative bureaucracy
    3. Tax for exporting the product abroad.
  • Reduction of customs duties for the export of the product to Germany, Italy, United Kingdom, China, France, India, Malaysia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates.
  • Morris has a good business environment, low taxes, low levels of corruption and bureaucracy compared to its neighbors.

The disadvantage of company registration in Mauritius

  • Licenses for foreign investors in the tourism and restaurant industry are not easily licensed.
  • Licenses for foreign investors in the tourism and restaurant industry are not easily licensed.
  • Since the economy of this country depends on the tourism industry, any changes and external shocks will make the whole country vulnerable.
  • Hiring a foreign employee is difficult.
  • This country is known as the islands in the world and therefore is not very popular with investors.
  • Investors have difficulty in  communicating with the public and government employees because less than 1% of the population speaks English.

Type of company registration

Limited liability company (LLC)
Mixed liability company
Unlimited liability company
Guarantee company
Foreign Branch
Limited life company

The company registration process

  • Submit a company registration application
  • Specify the company name
  • Preparation and regulation of the company’s articles of association, including company name, type of activity, name of shareholders and amount of shareholders, names of managers, address and telephone number of the company
  • Opening a bank account and depositing the company’s capital
  • Preparation of company seal
  • Registering a company and publishing a job advertisement in the newspaper
  • File with the tax office and receive a tax code
  • File a case with the Social Security Administration