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Mauritania is located in the northwestern part of the African continent, bordering the Atlantic Ocean to the west, the Western Sahara and Algeria to the north, and Senegal to the south. This country has a very attractive tourist atmosphere. Mauritania has an area of ​​about 1.30 million hectares, 90% of which is desert. Mauritania’s GDP stands at $ 818.5 billion, inflation at 7% and unemployment at 20%. Mauritania’s exports include iron ore and fish, which cover an important part of Mauritania’s economy. Most of the country’s imports include oil equipment and materials. Mauritania has achieved good results in the field of industrial production, mining, which shows that Mauritania has a high economic policy.

General Questions 

How long does it take to register a company?
Two weeks to a month

What is the minimum capital required to register a company?
US $ 3,500

Do we have to be in Mauritania to register a company?
No. no need.

What is the corporate tax?
25 %

Are investors or companies allowed to buy real estate?
Yes. They can buy land and real estate.

The benefit of company registration in Mauritania 

  • Company registration can be done with one shareholder and one director.
  • Shareholders and managers of the company can be of any nationality.
  • The minimum capital of the company is $ 3,500.
  • Shareholders and directors do not need to be physically present to register a company.
  • There are no restrictions on investing in any field.
  • The costs of running a company in Mauritania are low.
  • Employee salaries, below $ 100 per month.
  • The third largest iron producer in the world.
  • Daily production of 75,000 barrels of oil.
  • Having natural resources of gold, copper, oil and gas.
  • 700 km wide border with the Atlantic Ocean.

The disadvantage of company registration in Mauritania 

  • All company documents must be translated into the official language of Mauritania (Arabic and French).
  • Hard communication of investors from other countries with officials and employees.
  • Very high corporate tax of 25% compared to some countries.
  • High corruption and complex bureaucracy and lack of transparency.
  • Lack of proper infrastructure for starting a business such as inadequate transportation, lack of proper electricity and communication system.
  • Poor ranking of 134 out of 141 in the world competition.

Type of company registration

  • Limited Liability Company (SARL)
  • Public Limited Company (SA)
  • Free Zone
  • Limited Partnership
  • Foreign branches

The company registration process

  • Submit a company registration application and specify the proposed name and field of activity
  • Preparation and adjustment of the company’s articles of association, including the approved name, type of company, type of company activity, names of shareholders and directories, address and telephone number of the company
  • Opening a bank account in the name of the company and depositing the initial capital of the company and submitting a deposit to the company registration office
  • Register the company in the notary
  • Registration of a company in the Greffe du Tribunal de Commerce
  • Complete the tax file and get the exclusive tax code for the company
  • Register and complete the application with the Social Security
  • Administration at the Caisse Nationale de Sécurité Sociale
  • Obtaining a labor office license