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The Netherlands is a small country in the Kingdom of the Netherlands in northwestern Europe, with Amsterdam as its capital and a population of 16.5 million. Other important cities in the country are The Hague, which has the largest number of embassies and ministries, and Rotterdam is the second-largest port city in the country.
The Netherlands, a member of the OECD, which emphasizes its economic role in the heart of Europe, has a stable and successful economy (GDP per capita $ 44,828 – 2016 estimate) and is one of the freest and most liberal countries in trade and investment. The Netherlands can be considered a world leader in international business because 95% of the local population is fluent in English, which is why thousands of international companies have been opened in the Netherlands so far. . The Netherlands has a liberal tax regime with a wide network of dual tax treaties, although this tax law has many aspects for foreigners, the marginal rate is 20% to 25%, but the effective corporate income tax rate is very low. Is more than this amount.

Company registration benefits

  • By registering a company in the Netherlands and paying insurance and taxes, you can benefit from citizenship rights such as pensions.
  • Amsterdam, along with London, Paris, Barcelona, ​​Berlin, etc., is one of the main hubs for the EU to grow good ideas.
  • The internet in this country is among the fastest.
  • It is the best country in Europe in terms of freedom of opinion and criminalization of human acts. So that the prisons of this country have become museums.
  • The temperature in the Netherlands hardly reaches 35 degrees in summer and in winter it has a clean climate with winds.
  • You can get the best social services by staying in the Netherlands. For example, when you have a child, you get the best service.
  • Due to the multinational nature of the Netherlands, you can easily find the job you are looking for in English.
  • It has the best universities and educational systems.

4 types of companies  in the Netherlands:

Main features of Public Joint Stock Company (NV):
The minimum capital required to set up this company is € 45,000 (Euro) and at least 20% of the authorized shares must be considered and issued. This type of company is suitable for companies willing to invest in general and there are no conditions or requirements regarding the nationality of shareholders. Account audits should be conducted with the Chamber of Commerce.

Main features of the limited liability company (BV):
The minimum capital required to start the company is € 1 (Euro) (this amount was € 18,000 (Euro) in 2012, which has now decreased) and the shareholders’ liability is limited to the capital. The most common type of company registration in the Netherlands is limited liability companies and there are no conditions or requirements regarding the nationality of shareholders. Account audits should be conducted with the Chamber of Commerce.

Main features of the partner company (in partnership):
Like other companies, account audits must be conducted with the Chamber of Commerce. General partners have unlimited liability and each partner is responsible for his debts to the extent of his share in the partnership, note that the limited partner also has limited liability.

Registration of a branch of the company:
Branch registration in the Netherlands is one of the most common and popular formats for starting a company by foreigners. The foreign parent branch is fully liable for the debts of the subsidiary in the Netherlands. A branch office in the Netherlands must be registered with and under the supervision of the Chamber of Commerce. An employee can receive the minimum income without the need for an accountant.

Recruitment of labor in the registration of the Dutch company in 2020

The unemployment rate in the Netherlands is very low compared to the EU member states, in 2020 the unemployment rate is 2.9%. Because most Dutch citizens are fluent in several languages, it is not easy to hire foreigners in some fields to work in the Netherlands. Some people apply for a Dutch work visa at the right age and with the appropriate work experience required by this country.

Every company registered in the Netherlands is able to employ a number of workers and employees, taking into account the amount of capital and insurance, taxes. Companies that employ more than 35 workers are legally required to form a labor council, which should Be consulted on a wide range of issues. If you need to fire an employee, you need the intervention of a civil court or a government agency.

Reopening a bank account in the Netherlands

The city of Amsterdam is one of the world’s financial centers for opening bank accounts in the Netherlands, and there are many international banks in the city. The Netherlands has several specialized organizations that finance business in this country. The Dutch government supports large, high-tech industries and companies by repaying long-term loans.

The company registration process in the Netherlands

The company registration process in the Netherlands should be done with the help of competent Dutch lawyers. Finally, the steps of registering a company in this country can be summarized as follows:

  • Determining the eligibility of the applicant
  • Writing a business plan
  • Relevant funding
  • Specify a schedule to start the project
  • Determining the legal location of the company
  • Choosing a legal structure for the business in question
  • Select a brand for the company
  • Registration in the “Registration of Dutch companies” and “Dutch Tax Office”
  • Get a tax and federal ID in the Netherlands

Common Questions 

What are the conditions for migrating to the Netherlands through company registration?

To immigrate to the Netherlands through company registration, you first need to obtain a residence permit in the Netherlands. For this purpose, you can obtain a work residence in the Netherlands by hiring yourself or a family member in a company registered in the Netherlands.

How much does it cost to register a company in the Netherlands for entrepreneurship and innovation?

Entrepreneurship in the Netherlands requires a capital of about one million two hundred and fifty thousand euros, and applicants must earn the necessary points.

How long can I get a residence permit in the Netherlands?

After entering the Netherlands and 5 years of continuous work and living in this country, you can receive permanent residence in the Netherlands and then apply for a passport.

Is investing in the Netherlands a profitable investment?

Given the activities of a large number of international and non-European companies in the Netherlands and considering the investment standards and economic indicators in this country, registering a company in the Netherlands is a profitable investment.

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