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Hungary is located in Central Europe with the capital Budapest. The area of ​​Hungary is 93030 square kilometers. The country has a population of about 9,880,000 and its official language is Hungarian and its currency is the Forint. Budapest is the capital and most populous city of the country with a population of 1.740 million. Hungary is made up of 19 cities. Budapest does not belong to any city and is independent. They are Gyor. Hungary is governed by a presidential system for a period of five years. Most people in the country speak Hungarian. Gulyas (Gulyas), one of the most famous foods and a symbol of Hungary, is a stew of meat and vegetables made with paprika (spices). Which is prepared from pepper mill or other spices are flavored. The capital, Budapest, was formed at the end of the 19th century with the amalgamation of the three cities of Buda, Pest, and Óbuda, which date back more than a thousand years.



General Questions 

What are the living conditions in Hungary through company registration?
If your company is active and profitable and you pay taxes and insurance in Hungary for at least 3 years, you can apply for permanent residence in Hungary.

How much does it cost to register a company in Hungary?
A minimum of 10 thousand euros is required to register a company in Hungary.

What is the minimum capital required to register a Hungarian company?
It depends on the type of company, but from at least 10 thousand euros to 600 thousand euros can be invested in the company.

Is it possible to register an active company branch in Hungary or must it be an independent company?
Yes, it is possible to register a branch of the company.



The benefit of company registration 

  • 100% ownership (no local partner required)
  • Access to the European market (more than 500 million people and the second richest market in the world)
  • Access to all parts of Schengen Europe for travel, business, and long-term residence
  • The possibility to apply for permanent residence after 3 years
  • The possibility to apply for a passport 5 years after obtaining permanent residence
  • Easy visa application for all parts of the world
  • Schengen residence permit (for all family members)
  • Permission to work and trade as a company manager and employer
  • Opening a corporate and personal account
  • Online banking, credit cards, facilities, and credit lines
  • Use of European trademarks (brands)
  • Free trade and customs laws within the EU
  • 10% corporate income tax
  • Perform all steps within 6 months
  • Low costs of running and running the company


Documents required to register a company in Hungary

  • Identification documents (an official translation into English)
  • Marriage certificate for married people
  • Office address
  • Passport scanning of shareholders and managers
  • Pay all banking expenses for the first 1 year
  • Economic rationale
  • The minimum amount of 2000 Euros for the initial capital of the company
  • Ownership document and printing of bank account
  • Copy of the latest degree
  • Phone bill or an official bill to confirm the address
  • 6 pieces of photos
  • Good conduct certificate 
  • The power of attorney must be signed by the client.

All of the above documents must be officially translated and approved by the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

It should be noted:
Initial residence through company registration is initially one year and can be extended.
You must have health insurance during your stay in Hungary.



The process of company registration 

In general, the company registration process in Hungary is done in 5 steps:

  • Preparation of organizational documents by a Hungarian lawyer.
    opening a bank account
  • Registration of the company in the Hungarian Registry and obtaining a tax certificate.
  • Registration with the Hungarian tax authority, municipality, chamber of commerce, the central office of the National Pension Insurance
  • Provide employee information to the IRS


Documents required to register a company in Hungary:

  • Submit company articles of association in a standard form
    Submit a return to the tax administration to receive the company tax number
  • Obtaining legal representative (consultant) licenses or confirmation of representation
  • Certificate of payment of administrative fees and the cost of publishing information
  • Provide a list of members
  • CEO’s announcement of a ban in accordance with GT. 23
  • Certificate of the payment service provider for depositing shares in cash, as promised in the document of the articles of association or the official announcement of the CEO of the company for the free purchase of shares, which is mentioned in cash
  • Announcement of the CEO for free purchase of shares in the type as well as members’ evaluation statement about the share in the type of company

General documents for registering a company in Hungary:

  • Official English translation identification documents
  • Marriage certificate for married people
  • Office address
  • Passport scanning of shareholders and managers
  • Good conduct certificate 
  • Provide an economic justification plan
  • Ownership document and printing of bank account
  • Copy of the latest degree
  • 6 pieces of photos
  • The power of attorney must be signed by the client.