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There are various ways to immigrate to Austria, one of the most popular ways to immigrate to Austria is to obtain a residence permit by registering a company in Austria. Company registration actually, is a type of investment, and we know that the investment process in another country is a very sensitive issue, both legally and commercially. Applicants are applying for residency through registration of a company in Austria. This issue requires specialized information and the presence of a lawyer is required to apply for residency through the company registration in Austria.

The advantage of company registration in Austria

  • International bank account
  • Very low-interest loans
  • Free health insurance
  • Free education for the applicant and his / her companions in schools and universities
  • A permanent visa for all family members
  • A very safe country to invest and income

General questions 

  • The Initial capital of company registration
  • Corporate tax
  • Permanent residence and citizenship
  • Register a company,  with or without a partner

The initial capital for the establishment of limited liability companies is 35,000 euros. Half of this capital must be in your account in the country of origin or your personal account in Austria, and the other half must be transferred to your company account in Austria. There are other costs to registering a company, such as the cost of renting a specific location in Austria for your company, the cost of preparing a business plan, and the cost of a lawyer, which can vary depending on your case. Consider. There are a number of tax laws in Austria that can help people who register in the country pay lower taxes. For example, jobs related to education are taxed at 20 percent and business jobs are taxed at up to 35 percent. You can even get permanent residence for yourself and all your family members alone and own 100% of a company and do business and receive an Austrian passport after 10 years.

Company registration steps and required documents:

  • Determining the name of the company and the type of company
  • A copy of all pages of the passport of the applicant and his / her companions
  • Translation of the applicant’s diploma with the approval of the embassy, which is done at the Austrian embassy in your home country.
  • Marriage certificate and confirmation at the Austrian Embassy
  • Certificate of no criminal record of the applicant along with translation
  • Rent or title deed for your company location
  • Determining the company’s capital, number of partners, appointing a manager, preparing an official seal of the company, introducing a lawyer or legal representative (if you are not present in Austria)