Successful Start up Companies in Canada in last year

If you have the skills to start a creative business or have a good idea to encourage Canadian Embassy organizations to invest in your business, you can apply for a Startup Visa. You can get permanent residency this way if you participate in the Canada Startup Visa Program and improve your Canadian business as well as your business.
Canada has an almost stable and strong economy, and taxes in this country are lower than in the rest of the United States, so the cost of starting your own business is lower. Although you need initial capital to get started, you can be sure of your business’s job market and success more than anywhere else. Of course, all of this requires having a qualified business.

This is a list of 30 companies that have earned at least $ 1 million a year. Startups are a place where you can do extraordinary things. By studying these companies and their type of activity, you can create your idea to launch a successful startup. Our team is ready to accompany you in this regard.

Steel River GroupProfessional Services
Tru EarthRetail (traditional and/or e-commerce)
Pinnacle Logistics SolutionsTransportation & Logistics
Lendingarch FinancialMarketing & Media
National Traffic Safety ManagementProfessional Services
Nationwide FuelIndustrial Services
Align HCMHuman Resources
Silk & SnowRetail (traditional and/or e-commerce)
Evolve ETFsFinancial Services
HUWIZ QA/UXProfessional Services
CareProsHealth Care
Nexus InnovationsProfessional Services
SmartSweetsWholesale & Distribution
LUS BrandsRetail (traditional and/or e-commerce)
Clue DigitalMarketing & Media
Fatso Peanut ButterRetail (traditional and/or e-commerce)
HoppierHuman Resources
Cloud SynAppsInformation Technology
PaytekFinancial Services
7D SurgicalHealth Care
GoForTransportation & Logistics
Social BlueMarketing & Media
AdbloomMarketing & Media
DJ BikesRetail (traditional and/or e-commerce)
Trillium Advisory GroupProfessional Services
Hit Point PressRetail (traditional and/or e-commerce)
MeLorProfessional Services


Business Advisor

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