Armenia f

Official Name:      The Republic of Armenia

Capital:                    Yerevan

Language:               Armenian

Currency:                Dram (AMD)




  • Consultation (in person, online, phone)
  • Helping to prepare your documents
  • Start to finish your company registration process
  • Immigration services


It is easy to get a residence permit in Armenia as well as living conditions in Armenia, the cost of living in Armenia is not high, you can get a residence permit by investing in Armenia (buying Armenian property) or registering an Armenian company. By staying in Armenia, you will be allowed to work, study in Armenia, and live in Armenia, and you can also open international accounts in the banks of this country. Armenia is a beautiful country with strong economic potentials such as tourism.


General Question

Do you have to be in Armenia to register a company and follow the registration process?
Company registration in Armenia is done both in-person and part-time.

What are the costs of registering a company?
Registration fees depend on several factors and should be evaluated and announced according to your needs.


The benefits of company registration

Quick company registration

A tax identification number is issued immediately to the newly registered company. You will receive a registration certificate with the association’s tax and regulatory ID, and your company is ready to start immediately.

Low cost of company registration and maintenance

The government usually does not pay the company registration fees. Inactive companies do not have to pay taxes, file tax returns, or be inspected. Active companies may incur costs related to financial compliance, payroll services, and taxes.


Non-Armenian directors of the company

The manager of an Armenian company can be a foreign citizen. The CEO does not need to reside in Armenia or at the company address. An outsider can be 100% a shareholder and a company manager at the same time.


Registration of a company in absentia

If you can not or do not want to spend your time and money traveling to Armenia, you can register your company remotely. It is possible to register a company remotely with a lawyer. When the registration is done, we will collect the company documents and send them to you so that you can continue your next steps by following the instructions.


Requires minimum documents

You do not need to provide a lot of documents and cumbersome conditions to register all kinds of companies in Armenia, because the experts of a well-known law firm only need your valid passport to register your company in this country.


Residence and citizenship of Armenia

Doing business in Armenia as well as your family members will be eligible for residency status in Armenia. Business people can apply for a temporary residence permit (1 year), long-term (5 years), or special (10 years) for a single or multiple person visa. After maintaining the residence permit for 3 years, a person may be eligible for Armenian citizenship.


Low taxes

Receiving low taxes with special tax benefits for most economic groups and taxpayers, including information technology companies, small and medium companies, farmers, etc., is one of the most important benefits of registering various types of companies in Armenia.


Abundant credit

Armenia is not a remote island, but a real country with a diverse economy. The laws of Armenia have so far passed appropriate anti-money laundering laws, and the Central Bank of Armenia has ensured the security, stability, and good reputation of the banking system.


Opening a bank account

Opening a company bank account in Armenia may take 1 to 20 days, depending on the length of the bank’s general review. Note that submitting a tax report in each period (once every three months) is one of the important laws of this country. Failure to do so will result in a fine. Another point is that there should be easy travel and easy accommodation in the destination country.


Company registration process 

  • In the first stage, translation and registration of establishment documents, articles of association, copy of passport (translated and approved) of the CEO, preparation and signing of documents related to the establishment of the company, and submission of application forms
  • Opening a bank account and registered capital deposit account, and bank approval
    Receive confirmation of registered capital deposit
  • Receive and complete the registration application from the State Registration Organization
  • Pay stamp duties for registration
  • Delivery of documents to the state register
  • Get a registration certificate
  • Delivery of documents to the local tax office
  • Obtain a tax registration certificate
  • Delivery of documents to the Social Security Fund
  • Receive a social security registration certificate
  • Delivery of documents to obtain a seal manufacturing license
  • Obtain a seal manufacturing license
  • Order a stamp in a government stamping company
  • Get the company stamp
  • Delivery of documents to the State Statistics Organization
  • Receive a certificate from the Statistical Registration Organization
  • (Start of activity) after at least about 21 days