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Albania is one of the best countries that has been able to provide a good environment for work and life. In this country, exports to Greece are about 17% and to Italy about 32%. The number of immigrants to Albania has increased by 29% compared to the last 5 years, and it is clear that the country has been able to reduce its strictness in immigration. In the latest assessments, it seems that the Albanian government has simplified the immigration process a bit. If your goal is to invest, we will explain to you which method of investment would be better: buying a property or registering a company. The Republic of Albania is a member of the United Nations, the World Bank, UNESCO, NATO, the World Trade Organization, and is a safe place for investors and investment companies.

Some General questions

  • Company registration time process
  • Company registration fee
  • Minimum shareholder of the company
  • The company tax rate in Albania
  • Residence through a company registration

Registration or transfer of a company operating in Albania normally takes two weeks to one month. Company registration costs include preparation of documents, administrative costs are about $ 3570 USD. You are not legally allowed to engage in economic activity without having a company and having a specific address, and the necessary permits must be obtained for each type of activity. You can start your business with a manager and a shareholder. Income and payroll taxes in Albania are 20%.

The benefits of registering a company in Albania

  • Company registration is easy
  • Very low taxes for companies
  • Inexpensive manpower compared to other European countries
  • Easy access to European and Middle Eastern countries

Types of companies in Albania

  • Limited liability company
  • Quick Candidate LLC – Shelf Company
  • Participate in free zones
  • Corporation
  • Branch or representative of foreign companies
  • The most common type of company in Albania is a limited liability company.

Company registration requirements;

  • Specify the name
  • Description of the company activities
  • One or more partners
  • One shareholder or more
  • A director
  • Notarized official documents
  • Obtaining a business identification number
  • The initial capital of the company
  • Tax forms
  • Labor force forms
  • Insurance forms