Immigrate to Canada by purchasing commercial property

Immigrate to Canada by purchasing commercial property

Today, many people intend to immigrate to Canada and stay in Canada by buying property or investing in Canada. Canada is an immigrant choice for many reasons, including immigration, tourist and leisure attractions, and being English-speaking.

If you, as an international or foreigner, intend to obtain Canadian residency by purchasing a property, you should be aware that you are authorized to purchase property in Canada, but this property purchase will not result in Canadian residency and citizenship. There are many investment and entrepreneurship programs in Canada, such Entrepreneurship and Startup business.

You can also stay in Canada through the six main methods of birth, marriage, asylum, work, education and investment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Buying a Property in Canada

Can a foreigner buy property in Canada?
Any non-Canadian can buy property in Canada if they are of legal age and legal status.

How we can get permanently visa by purchasing property in Canada?
You can invest by buying any active business in Canada.

Is it possible for foreign nationals to obtain Canadian residency by purchasing a property?
Unfortunately, this is not an immigration method in Canada and it is just a way to invest in Canada.

Are the costs of buying a property in Canada different for Canadians and non-Canadians?
The cost is the same, but the difference is in the method of payment. Non-residents must pay 35.5% of the total amount at the beginning of the process.

Are there any restrictions on buying property in Canada?
There is usually no limit to the price of a property and one can buy a residential property at any price.


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