Immigrate to Canada by registration your kids in school

Every year, tens of thousands of foreign students enter Canada to obtain a Canadian diploma and continue their studies in Canada.
Elementary students can easily enter school and continue their education. Students 12 years and older can continue their education in Canadian high schools and receive a Canadian diploma. Due to the difference in the education system in Canada, some schools will be considered high school from the age of 12, but in most schools, the high school age is from the age of 15.
International students also have English and French language courses while studying, which will help them learn the language in a shorter period of time.


  • A grade point average above 15 and a good grade level
  • Parents’ financial ability to support their children financially
  • Students under the age of 18 must have the support of a Canadian family as guardians, who will usually be responsible for the care and maintenance of the students, as well as the necessary permits and payments from the government. They have acquired Canada and are completely trusted.

Student tuition costs about $ 6,000 per semester.
There are private and a public school that our company has representatives of both types.

Our company services:

  • Obtaining admission from high school
  • Obtaining a Canadian visa
  • Introducing a guardian and guardian (parents will receive a 5-year multi-entry visa as a guardian)
  • Help with registration and accommodation
  • Help to open a bank account and insurance and other services.

Studying at a Canadian university or school is possible by obtaining a study permit in Canada. International middle and high schools accept large numbers of students from all over the world every year. Students who are interested in studying in Canada, after entering Canada, will take a level exam at the school in question and will study English or French in the desired class and appropriate to their educational status.

Each academic year in Canada consists of two semesters, fall – September and winter – February. Canadian high school graduates will enter the university of their choice directly and without an entrance exam and language test after obtaining a diploma from the 12th grade. Of course, although the competition to enter the university from high schools is fierce and students with higher grades have a better chance of success in this competition.

Students under the age of 18 should be covered by families living in Canada until the age of 18. These families, called HOME STAY, take care of students in their homes and are responsible for the care and maintenance of students, including food, transportation, familiarity with the environment and school, and the provision and cleaning of rooms and housing. These families are approved by high schools and have gone through special steps in terms of security for the trust of parents and high schools.

Tuition fees at Canada International High Schools:

To register for each semester, you must apply at least 4 months in advance. Because getting a student admission and a student visa each take about 30 to 50 days.

For example, to register in February 2022, you must apply at least until the end of October 2021.

Study at Canadian universities:

Canadian universities admit about 250,000 students each year from around the world. Undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and postdoctoral students will study as international students upon admission to the university and a study permit to enter Canada or the United States.

Here are some tips to help you apply for admission:

  • Having a relatively high average grade point average from the last degree
  • Knowledge of English or French; Having an IELTS above 6.5 is required for university degrees.
  • Proof of ability or financial support from the family.
  • Students with good academic conditions can work while studying and thus cover some of their tuition fees.
  • Student loans for outstanding students such as scholarships, funds or scholarships are other ways to pay university tuition and earn income.
  • Undergraduate students can teach part-time at their university or help with research and earn money. Student work is for students only and to help them pay for their education.

Students studying in Canada can apply for permanent residency after graduation due to their work or study experience in Canada.

Spouses of international students can work in Canada without a job offer.


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