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Official Name: The Republic of Belarus


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Belarus covers an area of ​​207 square kilometers and has a population of about 10 million. It is the 13th largest country in the world. Forests cover about 38% of the country and water makes up only 2% of the country. Agricultural land in this country covers 44% and other lands cover about 16% of Belarus. The distance from the north to the south of Belarus is about 560 km. One of the most important areas in Belarus that can make a good financial profit is marketing. Marketing in the advertising space is one of the most accepted items by people and it costs a lot in this field. Keep in mind that lawyers in this country can earn more than 65% of an Iranian lawyer. The number of unemployed people in the country was about 146.10 thousand, but in 2018 the rate is only 13.30 thousand people, and the government of Belarus has tried to provide a proper work system in the country. Surveys show that the number of people working in Belarus is around 4296.70. According to the latest studies, the wage of a worker in this country is about 2,300.00 rubles in Belarus. Wage growth in the country has been announced at more than 115.90%. The currency of Belarus is the ruble. If you accept to have a normal life in Belarus, the cost of living will be 5% lower than in Iran. The economic and investment benefits of Belarus are that it has good transport networks, a good workforce and expertise, a stable society, and an export-oriented Belarusian economy. Crime and corruption are low in this country and there is a high level of security in general. In Belarus, social behavior is appropriate and no racist tendencies are observed. The country is on the Commonwealth of Independent States list and is generally very high in terms of level and rate of economic development. Keep in mind that investment opportunities in Belarus are high and industries, construction, agriculture, and transportation are in a better position. The purchase price per square meter in this country in the city center is announced at $ 1752.23. If you want to save a little money, you can use apartments with fewer bedrooms. There are a number of apartments outside the city center that have a tariff of $ 1152.88. Keep in mind that the purchase price of these apartments has been accurately estimated.


Culture in Belarus 

  • Belarusians do not like jokes
  • In this country, you do not have the right to call someone by their first name without permission
  • In Belarusian culture, asking personal questions is a big mistake and a form of disrespect. In general, you do not have the right to ask about someone’s marriage or celibacy, or income.
  • Belarus is one of the countries that has been able to accurately instill the culture of apartment living among its people.
  • In Belarus, the situation of income generation is precisely provided.
    Work in Belarus is provided with a high salary.

The benefits of company registration

  • Having a proper transportation network
  • Benefit from skilled and cheap labor
  • The stable political and social situation
  • Appropriate social behavior and free from any racism
  • High security compared to Eastern Europe
  • Low crime and corruption rates
  • Strategic geographical location
  • Direct access to markets (Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan)
  • Infrastructure activities developed in Belarus, such as transport, military technology, and communications
  • Adoption of a progressive law in Belarus
  • Guarantee the rights and protection of investors in Belarus
  • Attract investment and favorable tax policy
  • Government support for capitalists in the form of guarantees, benefits, and priorities
  • Privatization of opportunities
  • 6 free economic zones
  • Highly skilled workforce
  • Quality life

Disadvantages of investing in Belarus:

  • Belarus’s economic, financial and energy dependence on Russia
  • Sensitivity to the price of oil and its derivatives
  • Poor governance
  • High level of corruption in the legal system and the issue of confiscation of property, which is not a very safe condition for the investor
  • Reducing the labor force population
  • Isolation and geographical siege between NATO and Russia

Characteristics of the free economic zones of Belarus:

  • Brest
  • Vitebsk
  • Gomel-Raton
  • Grodnoinvest
  • Minsk
  • Mogilev

Advantage of registering a company in free zones:

5-year tax exemption from the time of receiving the first financial benefit. After that, the profit tax is much lower than elsewhere.
50% lower VAT for the production of basic necessities of life sold in Belarus.
Tax exemption for all buildings built within the free zones in Belarus.


Investment projects in Belarus

All economic sectors are open for foreign investment and company registration, except for the production of weapons and toxic substances.

Foreign investors can invest in the country through various legal channels, including the preferences of the Belarusian government and various companies.

Areas of priority for investment in Belarus:

The pharmaceutical industry, Biotechnology industry, Nanotechnology, Superior technology, New materials, chemical industry, Transportation, Urban Engineering, Agriculture, Food industry, Communication and Information Technology, the tourism industry


Company registration process 

7 steps to register a company in Belarus
Individuals who do not have residency or citizenship in Belarus and want to register a company in Belarus must pay attention to the following:

Meet the Founder

First, the founders should have a consultation session to discuss the following:

  • Establish a legal organization in the form of a limited liability company
  • The amount of capital that can also be determined for foreigners in foreign currencies.

Open a temporary account and make a deposit

This action must be approved by one of the founders.

Registration steps

This process begins with naming the company.

Appoint the chairman of the company

A meeting should be held and shareholders should discuss who will be in charge of managing the company and finally vote.

Create a company seal

This process takes 1 to 2 business days to complete and will usually cost $ 100 or less.

Open bank accounts

The documents required for this process are as follows:

  • Copy of the company’s articles of association
  • The address where the company is located
  • Copy of documents approved by the board
  • Paying financial issues for bank expenses in the first year
  • The point to note is that banks usually require the presence of shareholders to sign the relevant protocol.

Sign the lease

The amount depends on the conditions mentioned in your lease