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Official Name:  The Kingdom of Belgium


       Dutch, French, German

          Euro (EUR)

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Belgium is a country in Western Europe and its largest city is Brussels as the capital with a population of about 11 million people who speak French, Dutch and German and the official currency of Belgium is the Euro. Belgium is also a member of the United Nations, NATO, the OECD, and member countries of the World Trade Organization. Belgium is a small but advanced country. The country’s economy is based on various business activities. Registering a company in Belgium is a straightforward and easy process. Foreign investors are faced with various options for investing and developing their business. Entrepreneurs can start a limited liability company, a branch, a representative office, or a new company. Foreign investors can enjoy the same rights as Belgian entrepreneurs. It is possible to own 100% of the company in Belgium. The government provides financial and tax assistance to companies that have creative and innovative activities or scientific and research activities. For example, if you set up a research and development company, you will get about a 5 to 8 percent tax deduction.

Residence through the purchase of property in Belgium

Belgians enjoy a high standard of living and about 75% of Belgians own property. Property prices are generally lower than in other Western European countries. Although Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is very popular with immigrants and is almost arguably the most expensive area in Belgium, it is still cheaper to buy property even in Brussels than in other Western European countries.
One of the advantages of investing in real estate is the lack of restrictions and restrictions for property buyers and property rights in this country. Therefore, you can easily own property even if you do not have the citizenship of this country. One of the methods that investors pay special attention to is buying a property. Investors can make a good investment when buying a property in Belgium, taking into account the 16.5% per capita income tax and the low rental cost of housing.

Belgium has a Golden Visa program for investment, according to which people can plan for investment visas by buying real estate in this country. Investing in real estate is usually between 350,000 euros and 500,000 euros. Other benefits of buying a property include family accommodation, residency without the need to be in Belgium, and travel to Schengen without restrictions.

Benefits of registering a company in Belgium

  • The easy  process
  • Location and strategic access to Europe
  • 100% foreign ownership
  • Low taxes
  • Requires minimum capital
  • Optimal infrastructure system
  • No money transfer restrictions
  • Tax treaties signed with 80 countries
  • The official capital of Europe

limited liability company

The best and easiest way to register a company is to register a limited liability company. In this type of company, the applicant will be required to have at least one stock that provides the initial capital required in this type of company. In this type of company, in the first step, the applicant is required to deposit a certain amount to the account of the company. After completing these steps, the desired stock will be transferred.

Steps to register a company:

  • Determine the name and type of company
  • Create an account to register a limited liability company
  • Register the company in the notary
  • Present a financial plan and present a business
  • Provide draft company regulations
  • Auditor’s report
  • The amount of capital

The basis of personal income tax requires the profitability of individuals’ private companies.

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