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Official Name:  The Republic of Benin

                             It was formerly called Dahomey



           West African CFA franc (XOF)

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Benin is bordered by Togo to the west, Nigeria to the east, Burkina Faso and Niger to the north, and a small coastline to the south of the Gulf of Benin. The country came under French rule in 1892 and became independent in 1960. The country’s exports are cotton, cashew nuts, textiles, seafood to China (29.9%), Indonesia (7.7%), India (7%), the Netherlands (6.2%), Niger (5.7%), Togo (4.6%) and Nigeria (4.3%). Imports include food, basic goods and petrochemicals from China (46.6%), France (7.5%) and Thailand (6%).

General Questions 

Can I become a Benin citizen based on my place of birth?
No. Citizenship of Benin is based on blood and must be one of the parents of a citizen of Benin.

Does Benin accept dual citizenship?

The benefit of company registration in Benin 

  • The minimum required capital of the company is $ 1
  • A shareholder and a director of any nationality are sufficient to register the company.
  • Low company registration costs.
  • Benin’s stable political position has provided a safe environment for investors.
  • Benin is governed by France and uses the euro, which poses little risk to investors.
  • Easy commercial and business access to other countries by sea.
  • Investment opportunities in agriculture, clothing production, and tourism.
  • Government incentives such as exemption of income tax and customs duties.
  • Access to a skilled and professional workforce.

The disadvantage of company registration in Benin 

  • Small market for products due to low population and poor.
  • 25% corporate income tax and 18% value added tax on goods.
  • It is the official language of France and it is very difficult for people and officials to communicate with investors in English.
  • Corruption and strict bureaucracy.
  • Poor facilities and infrastructure of the country.

Type of company registration

Limited Liability Company (LLC/SARL)
Public Limited Company (PLC)
Limited Partnership (Société en Commandite Simple – SCS)
General Partnership (SNC)
Free Zone Company
Branch Office

The company registration process