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Brazil is a large region between South America and the Atlantic Ocean. It is located in the easternmost region of the United States and is the most populous country in South America. Brazil shares borders with Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru and Guyana.

A quarter of Brazil’s workforce is engaged in agriculture and animal husbandry. Major exports include gold, sugarcane, coffee, soy, beef, cocoa and oranges.
Although textiles and clothing and food products are still the largest industries. The iron and steel, chemical, oil refining, cement, electricity, automobile and fertilizer industries have all gained international status.
Brazil has very rich natural resources, some of which have not yet been extracted, including iron ore, phosphate, manganese, uranium, copper, bauxite, coal, and a huge potential for hydroelectric power.

General Questions 

How to register a company in Brazil?
One of the important points about registering a company in Brazil is having a legal age of over 18 and not having a criminal record. The applicant must submit his / her application to the municipality of the region in which he / she intends to operate.

How much capital is it possible to register a company in Brazil?
You only need to pay $ 4,000 to register a company, but the minimum initial capital to register a company in this country is $ 30,000.

What kind of companies can be registered in Brazil?
There are six types of companies in Brazil, the most important of which are Limited Liability Company, Public Joint Stock Company and Partnership Company.

How long does it take to register a company in Brazil?
20 weeks

Is it possible to obtain a residence permit in Brazil by registering a company?
Yes. Applicants will first obtain a two-year temporary residence permit by registering a company in Brazil, which will be extended for another two years and then lead to permanent residence.

What are the requirements for registering a company in Brazil?
Applicants for company registration must have a financial budget of at least 150,000 Brazilian reals and be able to transfer this amount to their bank account in Brazil.

Can we stay in Brazil by starting a start-up?
The answer to this question is yes, if a person has a new and innovative idea that can help the economy and development of Brazil, he can obtain a residence permit in Brazil.

What is the process of obtaining a residence permit in Brazil through company registration?
Initially, the individual and his family are given two years of temporary residence. After that, this residence is extended for another two years and after 4 years, it becomes permanent residence.

What are the conditions for buying a company in Brazil?
It is not possible to buy a company in Brazil, and people who only want to register a company in Brazil can obtain a residence permit in Brazil this way.

Does registering a company in Brazil lead to residency?
By registering a company in Brazil, after 4 years, it is possible to obtain permanent residence and citizenship.

Is it possible for family members to obtain residency?
In this way, the spouse and unmarried children up to 21 years can be registered.

What are the most common ways to immigrate to Brazil?
Common ways to immigrate to Brazil include immigration through work, education, marriage, investment, citizenship through children, and asylum.

Will a baby be a citizen if born in Brazil?
Yes, due to Brazil’s adherence to the soil system, babies born in this country are granted Brazilian citizenship and passports. Even the children of non-residents and tourists.

What documents are required to immigrate to Brazil for work?
Job offer from a Brazilian employer and employment contract, valid passport, certificate of employment skills, work motivation, completed visa application form, etc.

Which level it is possible to study in Brazil?
Undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels.

How long can I stay in Brazil if I invest in Brazil?
With the investment visa, the applicants have a one-year residence permit and if the investment is successful, they can extend their stay every year.

What is it like to immigrate to Brazil through marriage?
The marriage of a non-Brazilian to a citizen of this country entitles the applicant to residency, but does not directly acquire citizenship. After staying for a specified period of time and if the marriage is proven to be real, the applicant can apply for a residence permit in this country by providing the required documents.

Will immigration to Brazil eventually lead to citizenship?
Yes, migration for work, education, investment, marriage, etc., in the absence of any problems and conditions are considered and during the specific steps related to each, will lead to the acquisition of citizenship of this country.

Are they satisfied the immigrants of Brazil?
Given that the cost of living in Brazil is affordable and has a strong economy, immigrants who have migrated to it are satisfied with living in Brazil.

What is the growth rate of trade migration to Brazil?
Due to the dynamic economy of Brazil, in recent years the country has seen a growth of 25% in various areas of trade.

The benefits of company registration in Brazil

  • Brazil’s natural resources are easy to obtain.
  • Population over 200 million people and consumers
  • Strategic geographical location
  • A diverse economy, which is well focused on international exchanges
  • Fighting corruption, which can be beneficial for investment in the long run
  • Brazil’s economic growth in 2019 increased by 0.8% compared to previous months.
  • Obtaining permanent residence and passport for 4 years
  • Possibility of economic activity in the seventh economy of the world
  • Benefiting from all welfare and social facilities, including free education for children, health insurance, etc.
  • Complete control over the company’s capital by the company’s shareholders
  • Ability to travel to Europe, the UK, Canada without a visa

The disadvantage of company registration in Brazil

  • High unemployment rate in Brazil 12.8%
  • High rate of property confiscation rate
  • Long distance with Asian countries

Type of company registration

  • Sociedades Limitadas (LTDA)
  • Sociedades Anonimas (SA)
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • Foreign Branches

The company registration process 

  • Provide a strong business plan for investing in Brazil
  • Obtaining and submitting a permit from the Brazilian Ministry of
  • Labor and Employment
  • Submit a letter of receipt and payment of income tax of previous years
  • Provide documents confirming the approval of the applicant’s investment by the Brazilian Legal Department
  • Provide confirmation of payment of immigration tax
  • Provide a certificate of no criminal record
  • All documents must be approved by the competent authorities in the country of origin and by the relevant Brazilian consulate, after which the documents must be translated.
  • Submit and complete the visa fee payment form
  • Provide a passport photo
  • Provide copy and ID card

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