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Croatia is located in southeastern Europe on the Adriatic Sea. It is also connected to Bosnia and Herzegovina and Slovenia and acts as a central crossroads of Europe.

Croatia signed the EU Accession Treaty in December 2011 and ratified it in January 2012. Therefore, after the 27 member states of the European Union ratified the treaty, Croatia will become a full member of the European Union by July 2013.

The main part of the Croatian economy is the service sector, followed by the industrial and agricultural sectors. Tourism is a major source of income during the summer, with Croatia being the 18th most popular tourist destination in the world.

The Croatian government encourages foreign campaigning in Croatia and provides important incentives to develop the business environment. can help you start a company in Croatia


Investing in Croatia 

An important principle in the field of capital in Croatia is that you cannot obtain permanent residence in the country by buying property. So buying a house in Croatia and getting a residence permit would be a deceptive offer. By buying or renting a house in Croatia, you can only make your investment migration process a little smoother. In any case, you must have a good budget to obtain an investment visa in this country. You can choose to register a company in Croatia.
There are certain categories of investment in this method. One of the most important things you can do is pay your taxes. The tax you pay must be accurate and routine. It is worth noting that the payment of taxes in Croatia is one of the most important issues by the government. Failure to do so will invalidate your stay. There are different categories of companies in Croatia. You can own 100% of the shares yourself or pursue a lower percentage of shares worth 50% as a partnership. People who want to create employment in the company should know that this country has a very good job category. As it turns out, Croatia is an excellent country for business. Therefore, those who have chosen to register a company in Croatia must first work in this country for two years, and if they reach the desired target, they can simply apply for permanent residence in this country.


The benefits of company registration

  • The country has a growing economy based on large-scale projects in the fields of construction, transportation, and energy.
  • Balanced development is parallel to the possibility of enjoying modern facilities and natural beauty, including vast coastlines.
  • Modern education system and facilities for children for free.
  • Easy travel and travel between all European countries for its citizens

The disadvantage of company registration

Speak Croatian

The first need of a businessman is the ability to communicate with people in the community. Those who want to register a business in Croatia must learn and master the common language well.
Learning Croatian has its own difficulties and some may find it difficult to learn it, which is another problem and disadvantage of registering a company in Croatia.


Population of Croatia

Croatia’s small population of about four million is perhaps one of the problems and disadvantages of registering a company in Croatia. Those who are looking to register a limited liability company can start a small company and have a good business in this country. However, this population is not suitable for large businesses with huge capital and forces one to enter the labor market of European countries.

Every investor should carefully take the pulse of the market and trade in this country, according to the existing economic background, and know whether this country is suitable for operating in the desired field or not. Croatia, for example, is very successful in the tourism industry, and those who can work in this field will be able to expand their capital and trade in a short period of time.


Croatia’s difficult economic situation

Although Croatia has had a growing economy in recent years, it has still failed to reduce unemployment and has experienced numerous fluctuations. Basically, starting a new business in Croatia requires a lot of effort and perseverance, through which a person can introduce and develop his company in the market of this country from the very first steps. Entering the commercial market of a European country through which you can connect to the whole of Europe requires a person with high experience and work experience.


Cultural differences in Croatia

One of the most important factors that can be mentioned as one of the problems and disadvantages of registering a company in Croatia is the cultural difference that every person faces when migrating and starting to live in this country.

Although Croatia has a warm and friendly people who accept immigrants well, cultural differences have initially created problems that can only be solved through time and familiarity with the customs of the people.

Croatia is one of the countries that, when registering a company, asks the investor to select a number of employees and staff from among its citizens. In fact, according to the company, the manager should employ at least three people in this country and create jobs for the people. The number of employees is determined according to the initial capital and the type of company. 


Company registration process 

  • Choose a company name (not duplicate, not have a foreign word).
  • Determining the address of the company (address can be announced to receive letters).
  • Open a bank account (first a temporary personal account, then a business account).
  • Travel to Croatia to do business or sign a power of attorney and authorize a lawyer to do the above.
  • It is also necessary to hire 3 Croatian citizens.
  • Deposit in the company’s account in the amount of 20,000-100,000 kuna, equivalent to 2600-13500 Euros (this amount can be withdrawn)
    Payment of administrative expenses 3850 kuna equivalent to 500 euros.
  • Payment of notarial fees equal to 100 euros.

Note1: The registered company must be active.

Note 2: A company with this amount of capital can include 3 employees and board members.

Note 3: The time required to complete company registration is 7 to 15 days.

Note 4: The time required to obtain a work permit is 30 days.

Note 5: Residence time 2 to 3 months + visa application process.