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Czech Republic

The beautiful country of the Czech Republic became a member of the Eurozone in 2003 with the most votes of the people, and since then, every year, with increasing progress, it has introduced itself as one of the best, most beautiful, safest, and most historic places in the world.
The capital of the Czech Republic, the beautiful city of Prague, which for centuries can be boldly acknowledged, is the only European city where many medieval monuments and monuments can still be seen. In 1992, it was selected as the most beautiful historical and tourist city among the best, and all this is just a part of the honors that have distinguished the Czech Republic in its industry, trade, security, and tourist attractions from its other neighbors.

General Question

After how many years of residence can a check be obtained by registering a company?

Individuals can apply for permanent residence if they register a company in the Czech Republic and pay taxes for 3 years. The period of receiving permanent residence lasts 3 to 5 years.

What is the minimum amount of capital to register a company in the Czech Republic?

The amount of company capital is determined according to the justification plan and the type of company. Therefore, people can apply for company registration for 1000 Euros.

Can it be accompanied?

In the rules of registration of a company in the Czech Republic, there is a mobile right. Companions in this process include spouse and children under 18 years.

How long does the company registration process take?

The timeframe for registering a company in the Czech Republic is estimated at about 6 months.

What is the cost of living for a family in the Czech Republic?

The cost of living is determined by the lifestyle and city chosen. The average cost of living for a family in the Czech Republic has estimated at 1,000 to 1,400 euros per month.

The benefits of company registration

  • Perform all steps within 6 months
  • Online banking, credit cards, facilities, and credit lines
  • Free trade and customs laws within the EU
  • The use of European brand 100% ownership (no local partner required)
  • Easy visa application for all parts of the world
  • Low cost of running and running the company
  • Schengen residence permit (for all family members)
  • Opening a corporate and personal account
  • Access to the European market
  • The possibility to apply for permanent residence after 3 years
  • The possibility to apply for a passport 5 years after obtaining permanent residence

The disadvantage of company registration in the Czech

Duration of stay in the Czech Republic

The requirement to register a company in the Czech Republic is to stay in this country for 6 months of the year, which is not a good option for many people.

Company registration costs in the Czech Republic

Upon arrival, individuals are required to rent a residential property as well as pay taxes, which incur separate costs in addition to company registration costs for the person in question. The cost of renting a property, hiring several employees, and starting a lucrative business in the EU is not small, which may not make sense for some people.

Types of companies in the Czech Republic

The Czech Republic, with its highly advanced economic system, is often the choice of many foreign investors who want to start a business in the country. The first aspect that should be considered by a foreign investor is the type of business he wants to establish in the Czech Republic and there are various options for registering a company.

In the Czech Republic, the most common trading companies are limited liability companies and private limited companies. The following are the types of companies in the Czech Republic.

Co., Ltd

These companies consist of one to 50 members and one person can be both the owner of the company and its CEO. These companies do not have a board of directors, but all members are able to make independent decisions based on the partnership agreement. In these companies, if there is only one owner, they must have an independent capital of 200,000 Euros, and if more partners are formed, each of them must buy 30% of the shares in order to be able to register the company in the Czech Republic.

Joint-stock company 

In this type of company, shareholders are only responsible for their capital, and the company is not based on one person, so the company’s shares can be easily sold. These companies have a board of directors and a supervisory board. Registration of a company in the Czech Republic through this type of company with a board of at least 3 members whose members decide on all matters and the supervisory board is responsible for controlling the activities of the board.

Public Trade Partnership

These types of companies operate in a commercial manner in which all partners are responsible for all their assets. The board is made up of at least two people, and the advantage of public participation is that you do not need the first investment.


Branches are an independent business affiliated with a head office, and although they have independent management and accounts, their establishment and entry into compliance with Czech law. This branch does not need large investments and a manager must be appointed for it and planned activities for the branch must be mentioned. Under the 2002 amendment to the Currency Act, foreign branches are also allowed to purchase real estate.

Company registration process 

  • Choose a name for the company

The name chosen must not have been previously chosen for another company.

  • Company address

To register a company with a check, it is necessary to provide a legal address for the company office to the company registration office.

  • Select the type of company activity

The applicant can determine the type of activity based on the guidance of his lawyers as well as his background of education and activity in his country.

  • How to divide the company’s shares

If there is a shareholder in the company, the amount of shares of each must be specified.

  • Appoint a CEO for the company
  • Provide a certificate of no criminal record
  • For the CEO, shareholders and their family members
  • Registration of the company in the tax office
  • Employees are compulsorily insured after the company is registered with the tax office.