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Estonia is a country on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea in northern Europe. It borders the Gulf of Finland to the north, Latvia to the south, the Baltic Sea to the west, and Lake Pipos and Russia to the east. Estonia covers an area of ​​45,227 square kilometers. It is the northernmost and smallest Baltic country. The territory of Estonia consists of a mainland and 2222 islands. Estonia is affected by the humid continental climate. The capital of this country is called Tallinn. The official language of this Estonian country is the second most popular language of Finnish, which is very similar to Finnish.

Registration of a company in Estonia is one of the common ways to obtain residency in this country and applicants can become permanent residents of this European country by registering a company in Estonia. Immigrating to and settling in Estonia is possible through various means, including registering a company in Estonia, investing, studying, getting married, and so on. The conditions for migrating to European countries and establishing a company in them are different; But in general, every year, many investors start entrepreneurship and invest in European countries to develop their business and capital.

General Questions

What is the Estonian currency?

Is Estonia a Schengen country?

That is, after obtaining a visa, we can easily travel to Germany, Sweden, Norway… ..?
Yes, Sure.

Is Estonia in the EU?

Is Estonia a good place to live at all?
It all depends on the person. If you like living in a cold country with cold people, yes it is a good place. Estonia is almost like Sweden and Finland and is developing very fast.

What is the Estonian language?

Do people speak English?
Yes, most people speak English well.

The cost of living in Estonia is more reasonable than in other European countries, and the Estonian government provides many free services to the people, including the entire domestic transport system in Estonia. Many recreation centers are free and the treatment system and hospitals are 100% covered by insurance. According to 2016 statistics, the cost of living in Estonia is approximately 450 to 550 Euros per month and 1500 – 2000 Euros per month for a family of four.

How long does the electronic citizen card process take?
The process of obtaining an electronic citizenship card due to checking the records by the police and the immigration office takes between one and four months.

Electronic citizenship card: not for the purpose of residence or Schengen visa. And replaces the traditional advocacy system to open a company with 100% ownership. With this card, the CEO or founder does not need to travel a lot to Estonia to do the company’s affairs, and most of the work is done with a digital signature.

In the future, the Estonian government has made promises to increase the efficiency of the citizenship card, such as making greater use of e-government and bitcoin (the world’s first bitcoin and digital currency based on bitcoin and blockchain technology), etc., and is increasing every year.

Digital signature with electronic citizenship card: Each citizenship card is equipped with a simple card reader that connects to the laptop via USB and after downloading and installing the relevant information, the Word file, or any file after entering the username and password. Signs and can be sent by email.

Is it possible for everyone to get a citizen card and register a company?
No – usually those who have a successful business in Iran succeed in doing so. Or in Iran, patents or professional work is done free of charge, and these people can certainly and easily do their business in all areas, including investment, production, distribution, sales, software, and information technology, sweets Cook, restaurant and have entrepreneurship and value creation.

How is health insurance in Estonia?
People living in Estonia are offering free health and social insurance services. Also, despite the insurance booklet, some drugs are free and some drugs have many discounts, and if you are hospitalized, the costs of the drug and the hospital will be free.

Which markets will be covered through Estonia?
The most important markets covered by Estonia:

  • Eastern European markets in Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Ukraine.
  • Northern Market (Nordic and Scandinavian) Finland, Norway, Sweden
  • Baltic Market: Estonia, Latvia (Latvia), Lithuania
  • And a total of 28 EU countries: According to EU law, all goods and services in the EU must be transferred between member countries without customs clearance (this law does not include tobacco, alcohol, and fuel).

The benefit of company registration in Estonia

  • Ability to travel to all EU countries and the Schengen area
    Obtaining residence in Estonia
  • The possibility to apply for permanent residence in Estonia after 3 years after starting the company and starting a legal business in Estonia.
  • The possibility to apply for an Estonian passport after 5 years after obtaining permanent residence
  • Opening a bank account in all EU countries
  • Company registration and use of European trademarks
  • Work and living permit for the applicant and family in EU countries
  • Sustainable economic growth and favorable business environment in Estonia
  • Low taxes and maintenance costs of the company in Estonia
  • Convenient conditions for registering a company at a reasonable cost in Estonia
  • The possibility of exploiting free trade and customs laws in the European Union
  • Use of free medical and welfare facilities in the European Union
  • Use of bank loans in the EU
  • Easy visa application for all countries of the world

The Company registration process

  • The process of establishing and registering a private limited liability company in Estonia
  • Check and select the company brand from the Trade Registry
    Company registration
  • Fill in the application file electronically and send it to the Commercial Registry: This will be possible for Estonian, Portuguese, and Belgian ID card and Lithuanian ID card holders.
  • Obtaining a permit if the area in question is dedicated to specific activities. It will be possible to record economic activities electronically.
  • Registration of the company as a VAT payer in the Estonian Tax and Customs Board.
  • Registration of employees in the list of Estonian tax employees and the Customs Board.
  • In registering partner companies, such as the number of shareholders, in order to register a company in Estonia and register a company with several people, great care must be taken due to cases of fraud.
  • It is recommended that all businesses open an account in the same country, and it is worth noting that having a foreign currency account in Estonia is very easy. Opening a bank account requires a passport, a business registration document, a company articles of association, as well as proof of residency in the country. The required documents depend on the company form.

Documents required for company registration in Estonia and residence

  • Company name (provided by you)
  • Fill in the company registration form in Estonia
  • Passport scanning of shareholders and CEO
  • Business Plan
  • Ownership document and printing of bank account
  • Copy of the last degree ‌
  • Power of attorney (to be signed by the client)

The cost of setting up a company

  • The cost of temporarily mentioning the name of the company in the registry of legal institutions is 18 Euros.
  • The cost of registering a company in the office of legal institutions is 40 to 53 euros.
  • The cost of registering a notary public is about 125 to 160 euros.
  • The cost of legal services is 350 euros.
  • The cost of the stamp is about 33 euros.
  • The cost of registering a company address is € 300.
  • The time required to establish a company is between 8 to 12 working days and more.