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The World Bank has named Georgia one of the leaders in economic reform, ranking it 11th in 2010 in terms of ease of investment.

Georgia is currently ranked among countries such as Australia, Norway, and Japan. Foreign ownership of Georgian companies is free and there are no restrictions for foreign investors. At present, it is possible for foreign companies to open profitable accounts in Georgia and exempt investors from import duties and customs taxes.

In general, the Georgian government has provided services by formulating investment activities and maintaining economic structures in order to create suitable conditions for foreign investors to register private companies. The country’s economic system is moving towards economic liberalization and investment is free for foreign nationals, and foreign nationals have the right to own movable and immovable property, and if positive documents are submitted, any amount of currency from economic activity can be transferred.

One of the best ways to invest in Georgia is to register a company. Registering a company in Georgia is a type of investment and the name chosen to register a company in Georgia reflects the subject of its activity. The right to reside and register a company in Georgia is not assigned to any person or company, so any person can do their work easily with the help of a good translator. But since any economic and monetary planning requires optimal management, the presence of a consultant or lawyer who has complete and accurate information within the framework of company registration laws can be an effective help.

The most common type of company registration in Georgia is a limited liability company that covers a wide range of businesses and occupations. In registering a company in Georgia, according to the license that is issued to perform the activity, a person can choose any job and, except for jobs related to the production and distribution of medicine, any company with any title such as restaurant, supermarket, etc. with the same Register the license and the person will not face any problems.

Registering a company in Georgia does not seem like a difficult task, but since it is better to consider all the legal details related to commercial and economic affairs, entrusting these matters to experienced and skilled people will facilitate the process of registering a company and all administrative matters


General Questions 

Does registering a company in Georgia lead to residency?
Yes. Registration of a company in Georgia will result in a residence permit in Georgia under certain conditions.

Is it possible to register a company for 2 partners and obtain residency?
Yes. There is, but it is not possible to share the amount. Each person alone must pay the amount of the company registration limit.

Is it possible to take a family to register a company in Georgia?
Yes. There is.

Is it possible to register a company but it was not active?
No. In this case, it is not possible to obtain a residence permit. The company must be active and pay taxes.


The benefit of company registration in Georgia 

  • The company is registered in this country, with 100% ownership and without the need for Georgian (native) people. Fast and cheap service in Georgia
  • Investors in the country are exempt from customs duties and import duties.
  • Georgia is located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia.
  • Georgia is known as a bridge for exports and imports, foreign investment, and international trade between Europe and Asia due to its special geographical location.
  • Annual tax cuts for foreign investors
  • Georgia Signs Free Trade Agreement with Commonwealth of Independent States, Turkey, Canada, Switzerland and Japan, USA


Georgia ranks in the World Bank:

  • Ease of starting a business: Ranked 7th in the world
  • Ease of obtaining the necessary permits to start work: 3rd place in the world
  • Buying real estate: ranked 1st in the world
  • Receive bank credit: 4th in the world
  • Protecting investors and foreign capital: ranked 19th in the world
  • In the overall ranking, the UAE is ranked 26th, Malaysia is ranked 12th and Singapore is ranked 1st as in previous years.


Types of companies in Georgia are:

Joint Stock Company (JSC):

It is a kind of trading company whose capital has been converted into shares and the responsibility of each partner is related to the amount of shares and the debts of the company are not related to the partners.
International Holding Company: A legal organization that acts as an investment company and the capital of the partners is divided into shares and the responsibility of each member depends on the amount of shares.


Cooperative (CO):

A cooperative is a type of company that is formed to perform a single activity and make a profit. The company’s debts are limited to all the company’s capital.


Business Partner (BP):

A business company is formed between two or more people, each of whom assigns capital to the company and shares the profit and loss between them.


Individual Entrepreneur (IE):

He is a person who does all the work related to entrepreneurship with his capital and all the debts are related to the individual.


Limited participation (LP):

It is a company where several people carry out entrepreneurial activities specifically for the company and are not responsible for debts.


International Holding:

It is a company that has several entrepreneurial activities specific to the company and each of them is responsible for the debts.


Limited Liability Company (LLC):

The company is formed in the field of commercial affairs. The partners have the responsibility and payment of the company’s debts to the extent of their capital.


Georgia and free zones in Georgia
There are three free zones in Georgia:

  • Puti Free Zone
  • Tbilisi Free Zone
  • Kutaisi Free Zone

In these areas, VAT and import tax are zero, but your company’s annual maintenance costs are relatively high.

A license is also required to register a company in these areas.

The cost of registering a company in the free zones of Georgia is higher than in other regions due to the existence of a free zone license.

In general, Georgia is a country where your final costs will be low and you can easily register, open an account, stay and


The company registration steps:

  • Select the type of company
  • Registration with the National Agency for Public Registration affiliated with the judiciary
  • Choose a company name
  • Specify the start date of the business
  • Preparation of legal documents of the company
  • Appoint a company manager
  • Determining the shareholders and the amount of each person’s share
  • Documents related to the list of members of the company

These documents should be translated if needed. Company registration fees must be paid at the beginning of the action. After preparing the above items and paying the fees, you will receive an identification number and a government certificate from the tax office. After these steps and before starting the activity, you should open a bank account. The whole company registration process takes about two days.